Mystery Message: The Plot Thickens

By James Nebrig

Editor’s note: This fictional story is submitted as a corollary to the real mystery messages that have appeared in the Denobis mailbox.


Recently, a member of the Denobis team, who is also an amateur radio buff, was listening on an unlisted and unused channel and picked up very interesting calls. The audio clarity was poor, but the operator was able to hear and decipher much of the exchange. Here is the written account the member provided to Denobis. Places where the operator was unable to decipher the speech or it was pure static are marked by a *.


“Alpha Uniform, Alpha Uniform, this is Juliet November, *** you read?”

“**er, Juliet November, read y****** and clear, what is your situation?”

“***** **iform, we are under heavy fire at grid Zulu 8 rep*** ulu 8! We have Magic and are en route to ***r location! We need suppo** ****diately! We have two groups of regulars arou** us but we are going throu*** *earby buildings to get aroun** *them! Acknowle***!”

“Roger, we are sending Football to ***nforce you! You have to pro***t Magic, is that clear! You have to get ***** **** safely! A**nt Ca***n’s only hope is the rendev*** with Magic!

“Affirmati** ** will sit tight, ove*** an* ou*!”


About 2 minutes pass and lots of sporadic gunfire and screams are audible in the recording. The operator during this time was using some software on his computer the radio was connected to in an effort to find where the signal was coming from. Since he only had one antenna to triangulate with, the area he estimated the signal to be coming from is somewhere within 5 miles of the Prescott Airport, a fact which would be somewhat proven later in the recording. He was unable to triangulate any further at any time. Now it is thought that the parties on the radio have gotten to the Prescott Airport and are trying to escape.


“Alpha Uniform, you have to get Magi* *** of here! If he is not returned ali** *hen we can kiss the deal with t** Saudi ***ernment goodbye! Agent Canto* *as to conne** *ith Magic or he is a goner. Thi* **sertion is vital to the deal! Baseball is waiting for you at ****** ** and you wil* ***ve West on R**way **, good luck, we** ***ling out!”

“Roger that Juliet Nov****** *nd thank* **u!”


At this point the observer heard aircraft engines and shouting men, and ran outside with a mobile radio to keep listening and watch the airport. About 4 minutes after the last radio call of the unknown parties, he was able to see a large plane of some kind taking off Westbound from the airport. He was unable to identify the type but was certain it was painted black or grey, indicating military or black operations origin.

This is believed by the operator of the radio to be connected to the mystery messages received by the elusive “Agent Canton” Denobis has mentioned earlier. If you heard these exchanges on the radio, contact Denobis as the operator would like another radio operator to help verify his observations. If you have any other information or insight into these strange messages and events, please contact Denobis.

Misconceptions about Brains, Part 1: You’re not left-brained or right-brained, you’re front-brained

There are many misconceptions about the brain, but perhaps the most pervasive are the many myths about the structure of the brain and how it relates to function.

Many people have made claims about which area of the brain is associated with which actions. It is true that the brain is partitioned into different structures, but the divisions are very broad. The brain contains three main structures: the hindbrain (which handles involuntary actions such as breathing and heartbeats), the midbrain (which handles reflexes), and the forebrain (which handles thoughts, senses, and voluntary motion)1.

Most people’s visualization of the brain is limited to the forebrain. The forebrain is divided into four lobes on each of two hemispheres. A particularly widespread myth is that the right hemisphere is associated with creativity while the left is associated with logic. This is completely false2. Continue reading

Adam Sandler for President

By Aiden Montgomery

In this day and age it seems that anyone can run for president. Are you a self proclaimed businessman who made his way to the top by using his ego-swelled head as a balloon? You’re hired (fired). Are you hiding in the shadow of your presidential spouse? Now you can step out of the shadows. Are you an exotic tiger keeper named Joe Exotic who isn’t going to cut his hair? You’re ready to “Make America Exotic Again”.

A poster to elect Joe Exotic

This got me thinking: what other people are worthy to take the position of being a symbol of democracy? It took me a long time, but I could only think of one man. One Waterboy. Adam Sandler, the man who hasn’t had a good movie since 2004. He’s perfect. He has the same traits of being a success while not being good at what he does as Trump and the lack of being able to admit it that Hillary does. Does he have political experience? No. Does he have presidential etiquette? No. But what he does have is absolutely no experience at all and a talent for improvising things (just look at the ends of his movies).  What separates him from the other candidates? His annoying voice –wait, Trump’s covered that. What about his tendency to pick on people in his movies, but act like a nice guy? Wait, that’s Hillary. Well at least his name is different from anybody who ran or is running like Bernie Sand… None of that matters. The point is Adam Sandler is just the high pitched manchild we need in office.

An image of Adam Sandler

The only person who would make a better person for president is you. If anybody can run, so can you. So when November 8th comes. get out there and vote for the man whose name is on the box of Pixels, a movie which in no way is different from the past Adam Sandler movies from 2005 onwards. If you don’t like the “Sand Man” or any other candidate running, write in your own name. You won’t get elected, but you’ll feel better about yourself, like the other candidates in this years election.

Mystery Message Update

Kaleb Lyonnais has provided more information on the meaning of the French quote at the bottom of this mystery message. He writes:


“I have a translation for the French quote in the mystery message. Continue reading

A Second Mystery Message Presents a Puzzle

Earlier in the year, Denobis received a mystery message in the mailbox. Recently, another message was discovered:

The message reads as follows:

“AGENT CANTON                                                       17 March 1938

I regret to inform that things have changed. My escort got blown out of the Aegean Sea, and at this current time I am being pursued by the Sultan, and he’s brought along a few friends with shiny rifles and knives plus a menu with my head on it. Presentyl [sic.] I am hiding under a bush wth the goons flashing their torches at me Like some hunters devoid of purpose and replaced by sheep intuition. Nevertheless, the mission must go on, and my guide’s sacrifice will not be relegated to a water grave. For now, Agent Canton out.

20-8-9-19   9-19   20-8-5   20-15-16

“Parlez mon amoure en Lyons j’eai zaimerai elle souvent.” ”

If anyone has any information on what the numbers might mean or on the translation of the French quote at the bottom, please email Denobis staff at or drop a note in the mailbox. Denobis members have placed a response in the box to see if this mysterious Agent Canton will start a conversation. Look for more posts on this subject as more information is revealed.