Spirit Week At Tricity Prep!

By Allison Miller

This week (Monday March 19th to Thursday the 22nd) is spirit week here at Tri-City Prep! The week has only just begun, and already everyone can see the enthusiasm of the school to participate in this week’s activities.  The schedule for this week is full of fun, with Pajama Day on Monday, Tacky Tourist Day on Tuesday, Vans vs. Converse Day on Wednesday, and Color Day on Thursday.

Pajama Day was entertaining -to say the least- even for those who wore their normal day clothes to class. Teachers and students alike showed off their support for the school with their robes and comfortable pants. With spring break having been the week before this, many students forgot that it even was Pajama Day, though other students simply would rather not participate. Nevertheless, those who did remember could be seen lounging on the grass at lunch in onesies and slippers, while some teachers went all out and arrived at school with curlers in their hair and slippers. Even with some members of the school disregarding the spirit day, there was still an impressive turnout.

On Tuesday, even more school-goers participated in Tacky Tourist Day. Since many people find it much easier to throw on a Hawaiian shirt over regular clothes rather than risking having their pajamas judged by friends and other students, it’s much easier to pick out those who didn’t participate than to pick out those who did. Though flowered-shirts seem to be the most popular choice of the day, there are others who are sporting the generic “I Heart NY!” shirts, sweaters, and ball caps. Other students are dressed in khaki shorts and sun-hats. There was even one student wearing a poncho and a sombrero.

Wednesday will showcase the rivalry between the Tri-City inhabitants who prefer Vans and those who prefer Converse. Since it is a choice between footwear and not complete outfits, it is extremely likely that even more participants will be seen throughout the day. Some students who are in the middle of the Vans vs Converse debate have expressed that they may even wear one Converse shoe and one Vans shoe.

Thursday will be Color Day, with each level of the school representing their group by wearing different colors, with the faculty wearing maroon, freshman wearing red, sophomores wearing green, juniors wearing blue, and the seniors wearing black. Everyone is hoping that the school will be full of colors and that maybe at lunch the faculty will see tables full of all colors of clothes, friends regardless of grade.

This whole week will eventually come to a close when Thursday night after all the week’s festivities have ended and the school day is all over, there will a Color Dance held at the school. After a long day of wearing one color, the students will all be able to show up to the dance in either all white to glow under black lights or in neon so that the dance will be full of flashing lights and bright colors, all moving around as the students and supervisors dance to the music.

Overall, spirit week has already been amazing and a huge success. Everyone has been enjoying the outfits they’ve seen just in the past two days, and they are all excited to see the costumes to come. Only two days of the week have gone by and everyone is certain that the next two days are expected to have even more participation in Vans vs. Converse Day and Color Day. It is going to be very interesting to see all the pictures the office has taken of students and teacher’s costumes throughout the week in the yearbook.

Even though many people forgot it was spirit week on Monday, this week has been a great way to ease everyone -not just the students- back into the last segment of the school year after the week-long rest of spring break. Seeing everyone support the school through their goofy costumes and through having fun with all the different looks people are sporting is refreshing. It isn’t every day you see students who have so much fun with their peers and teachers the way that the member of Tri-City Prep do. Spirit week has been amazing for everyone.


How The Youtube Algorithm Works, And Why It Needs Fixing

By Molly West

We all know the video-sharing site that is Youtube. If you’re thirteen or younger, you have never lived in a world without it. Originally meant to be a dating site, Youtube ended up switching paths and becoming the world’s largest video site. After some time, creators that were big enough ended up being paid for the ads that play during their videos. This is called monetization, and the money they receive is referred to as ad revenue. Because of this, it became possible for Youtubers to create a career out of the videos they make.

In 2012, however, the algorithm changed. Originally, videos were promoted based on the number of views on a video. It was around late 2012 when Youtube changed its algorithm to instead favor watch time. Longer videos became more likely to pop up on the front page or in someone’s suggested. Later on, in 2017, this would end up becoming a part of Youtube’s attempt to become a more professional service that tries to replace TV, like Netflix or Hulu.

Some creators, especially music creators, suffered from this update. A specific genre of videos managed to thrive, though: gaming. Gaming videos were some of the longest videos of the time, some of them being as long as an hour. Because of this, gamers quickly dominated the Youtube playing field. Creators such as Mark “Markiplier” Fischbach, Felix “Pewdiepie” Kjellberg, and Sean “Jacksepticeye” McLoughlin had an advantage, the algorithm was on their side. New gamers were popping up on Youtube on a daily basis. Life for the average Youtube gamer seemed good-for a while, at least.

Youtube took another turn for the worse in 2017. As if the algorithm wasn’t harmful enough, the harshness of its systems intensified around this time. It all started because creator Felix Kjellberg, more commonly known as Pewdiepie, uploaded a video that contained harmful content. Though he apologized, the backlash was intense, as he was partnered with Disney’s Maker Studios and was working on original Youtube Red content. The consequences of his actions caused a ripple effect that affected the entire Youtube community.

Advertisers were scared away from the platform, causing general ad revenue to go down. For some creators, it got bad enough that their job as a Youtuber was no longer enough to provide for their basic living needs. Some smaller creators had to turn to platforms like Patreon, or even quit Youtube entirely. Twitch has also become a popular alternative, especially for gamers.

This is not the only problem, though. One thing Youtube is trying to do is teach machines. Thousands of videos are uploaded daily, and it is impossible for every one of them to be checked by a human. Because of this, they are trying to use machines to check whether or not a video is “advertiser-friendly.” However, since the machine has yet to be perfected, videos are often demonetized for no apparent reason. This is also one of the major causes of suffering for creators on the platform.

“With all the rampant demonetization going on, gaming seems to have taken a huge drop in my experience, and random videos just don’t get recommended or sent to people anymore without any warning or reason,” says popular Youtube creator Jacksepticeye on Twitter. “Not only that, but no one really seems to know what’s going on with the algorithm anymore, which leads to Youtubers just uploading all sorts of random stuff to see what sticks or trends next. It’s like the Wild West with everyone just out for themselves.

“There’s a far stronger emphasis on ‘get rich quick’ with Youtube now than ever before,” he continues. “It’s always kind of been there, but it’s slowly getting worse. I miss the sincerity and passion in people who created videos for Youtube; that was the whole reason I started.”

The hard truth of the matter is that the Youtube algorithm is broken -or, more kindly phrased- a work in progress. It punishes its creators due to faults in its code. The monetization system is not the only problem. Some YouTubers have seemingly vanished overnight. Even if you are subscribed to a channel, there is a decent chance that their videos will not appear in your subscription box. Because of this, YouTubers have to practically beg their viewers to turn on notifications and like their videos. Though creators do not want to do this, they are forced to, or else their views will drop dramatically due to subscribers not seeing their videos.

Before, being an online video creator seemed like a plausible career choice. In fact, it became the dream of many young, innovate kids. Now, however, the system has changed so that beginning on the platform is impossible. Many creators, even the larger ones who do not have to worry as much about the changes, have spoken against Youtube for the way it works. Some have even begun to move platforms due to the inconvenience of Youtube’s system and all of the glitches it holds. Little efforts to listen to its creators have been made. To some, it seems like Youtube favors money more than the creators who made Youtube what it is today.

However, they seem a bit more open to working on change now, especially after an incident in January of this year when Youtuber Logan Paul got away with uploading a video of a dead body. This caused an outrage, and Youtube now seems to be taking more steps to fix their monetization system.

All that creators and fans can hope for is that they will work out the kinks in their system soon so that Youtube can become a better platform for all people. For now, though, people must find a way to work around the system.


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St. Paddy’s Day

By: Ellie Cartier

St. Patrick’s Day is a holiday people usually skip over. If you do ‘celebrate it’, I can assure you that you don’t do it as you are supposed to. Beleive it or not, St. Patrick’s Day has a history and reason to exist, and not one that includes leprechauns and pots of gold.

According to a few articles I found online, St. Patrick was an Irish missionary who came to Ireland in around the 400’s A.D. or the 5th century to convert the people to Christianity. He was a very popular figure and March 17th, his death day, became the day to celebrate him. Only there’s much more to celebrating it than wearing green and pinching the poor folks who forgot or eating those sugar cookies with white frosting and green clover sprinkles.

There used to be feasts and parties that never seemed to end. People would drink beers with a shamrock, or a three-leaf clover, in them or take out the clover and toss it over their shoulders for good luck. The shamrock had significance to the Irish folk because Patrick had used it to represent the Holy Trinity. That is also where wearing green came from, and there was no pinching involved back then. Almost everyone wore green to celebrate.

Some other fun facts about St. Patrick is that Patrick isn’t even his real name. Patrick’s birth name was Maewyn (try pronouncing that without offending anyone) and he was born in Roman Britain into a wealthy family. He was kidnapped into slavery when he was sixteen and brought to Ireland.

He escaped to a French monastery in Gaul and converted to Christianity. He went back to Ireland in 432 A.D. as a missionary. While Christianity had already taken hold in the country, people say that Patrick confronted the people there and abolished their pagan beliefs, making Christianity more widespread. Patrick became a bishop in Ireland and after his death, he was named a Saint to the people. Celebrations in Ireland were understated though, and it wasn’t until the Irish emigrated to the U.S. that they created bigger celebrations and parades known today.

Eighteenth-century Irish soldiers who fought in the Revolutionary War held the first St. Patrick Day parades in the United States. It became a way for the Irish immigrants to stay connected to the roots and feel like they weren’t so far from home.

Another fun fact about the Irish celebrations in America is the practice of dyeing the river green. It started in Chicago in 1962, when city officials decided to dye a portion of the Chicago River green in honor of Saint. Patrick’s day and to help them see where more of the waste is being dumped into the water.  This tradition is still around and you can find videos and photos online.

An Irish-American dish popular during these times of celebration in America was corn beef and cabbage. Irish Americans were poor and could not afford to have grand meals like they could in Ireland. So now that meal is a staple for the holiday.

This holiday, as I hope you learned, is about much more than green and beer. Now when people say that St. Patrick’s day is pointless you can pull out this article and say ‘Excuse me you’re wrong’.


The Soulmate Myth And Its Affect On Us

By Molly West

What is love? It is an intense feeling of affection that is a basic human necessity. Some people search for platonic love, while others crave something deeper, like romance. People tend to date around looking for a special someone, or as some people call it, their “soulmate.” What is a soulmate, though? Is there really one special person out there made just for you?

The concept of a soulmate has become popular over the last decade, especially in the world of fiction. People adore stories about two people who find each other because of their strong connection. Some writers and creators have found innovative ways to portray the soulmate idea, such as the first words your soulmate says to you being written on your skin. This implies that there is an unspoken and possibly spiritual force that connects soulmates. The debate whether or not they are real, though, is something else.

Soulmates have been talked about for hundreds and hundreds of years. The idea of a soulmate came from the ancient tale of Aristophanes, a comic playwright and contemporary of Plato. The story was about two-headed hermaphroditic giants who were torn apart by a jealous Zeus, which made them fated to forever seek their other halves; so it was not originally a beautiful and romantic tale.

If you believe in soulmates, you are not alone. In fact, you are joined by 73% of Americans. More men than women believe that they are destined to find their one true soulmate, but the gap is not that far. To determine whether or not you believe in soulmates, all you have to do is ask the question, “Do you believe there is one person that is meant just for you?”

According to a study conducted by researcher Raymond Knee, people fall into two different categories: Destiny Beliefs and Growth Beliefs. If you fall into the first category, you believe you are destined to be with one specific person. If you fall into the latter category, it means you believe that relationships grow differently.

People who believe in soulmates assess their partner based off of that, asking questions like, “Is this it?” or “Can I do better?” Whereas people with growth beliefs will ask things like “How can I be a better partner?” or “How can we grow closer?” People who believe in soulmates are more likely to break up, give up, and have more difficult relationships. They also tend to date the same people repeatedly. While destiny believers have fast and passionate relationships, growth believers focus on working things out and take more time to get closer.

That does not stop more than half of America in believing in the concept, though. In fact, soulmates are more popular than ever. As finding love becomes more enforced, essentially being a requirement to be accepted into society, more people are starting to believe in soulmates. They believe that someday, they will stumble upon the perfect person, and they will be able to tell who it is just from one glance. There are, of course, flaws in this system, but the idea itself is what is exciting. It gives single people who believe they are “forever alone” hope that they have someone out there waiting for them.

The idea of soulmates will never truly die out. Whether or not you believe in them all depends on if you believe you are destined to be with one person or not. If you believe it, then you are a part of the majority. If you do not, though, that simply means you take a bit longer to commit. No matter which way you lean, love-both platonic and romantic-Is in your grasp; you just have to look for it.


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The Tri-City Bonfire

By Allison Miller

Last week on the first of March, Tri-City Prep held a school-wide bonfire from six to nine o’clock at night. They provided the materials for s’mores for kids to make along with drinks, and there was music as well as other forms of entertainment for the everyone there, not just the students and their friends, but the staff as well.

Students not only administrated the entrance and payment of people into the bonfire, they also helped set up and give out all the food that was there. They helped keep marshmallows speared and ready to roast. When people managed to stay close enough to the fire to get their marshmallows toasted just perfectly, the students helped to keep a steady supply of chocolate pieces and graham crackers for everyone to use in their s’more building adventures. They also served what was supposed to be apple cider, but most of those who drank it questioned what it really was. From theories of watered-down hot chocolate to liquefied spiced applesauce, the servers decided to resort to saying it was just “chocolate cider” after a long night of confusion. However, regardless of how it tasted, the warm drink was appreciated by those who didn’t want to stand directly by the fire in the cold night.

The next amazing thing that happened that night had to do with the fact that some of the most science-inclined students brought several different bottles of chemicals which they tossed into the fire, changing it to stunning shades of greens and blues rather than just orange, red, and yellow. The first time this drastic color change occurred, it seized the attention of all the students and staff present. One enormous breath of surprise was shared between everyone present.

The firefighters that started and supervised the bonfire were amazing to put it simply. They brought a few protective suits for those who wanted to roast marshmallows but who couldn’t stand the heat could use. They helped many different students and their friends in and out of the suits throughout the night, clearly knowing the heat of the bonfire would keep many of them from roasting their marshmallows and prevent them from having a perfect smore.

The music throughout the night significantly shifted from the first half of the bonfire to the second half. The two individuals who were controlling the playlists of the night both did a great job catering to many different music tastes. The first half of the fire, they played many different tracks that are on the radio as today’s hits, mostly comprised of popular rap and pop songs. Later in the night, however, they began to play songs that most of the student’s parents enjoyed listening to in the last century. They played not only Demi Lovato and other popular modern singers but also Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana and Africa by Toto. Needless to say, everyone there enjoyed at least a few songs.

Everyone there that night had an amazing time together. There is something very special about sitting with your friends on a bench around a blazing fire watching the sky turn shades of dark blue, turquoise, fiery red and orange, and deep purple as the sun falls away behind Granite Mountain on the horizon. Hosting this bonfire really brought a lot of people who would normally never be around each other together to enjoy the same event. This bonfire was an amazing opportunity for students and teachers to be in each other’s company in a very unique setting, unlike a dance where no one can hear each other over the music, or in class, where everyone is meant to be learning and not just hanging out and having fun with each other. Especially since so many people came out to see the bonfire, it is very important that everyone appreciates all the work that went into setting it up and running by the students and thank the staff who supervised as well as everyone who brought in marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers to make the s’mores out of.

All in all, the school bonfire that Tri-City Prep put on was a fantastic experience for anyone who wanted to be with friends, or even just loved watching the hypnotizing patterns of a burning fire. Thank you to everyone who made it possible!