Mystery Message

The Denobis mailbox recently received an odd message, as follows:

“CIA Report No. 731

Hello, Agent Canton here.

My suspiscions [sic.] regarding the recent activities in the Gulf of Aden are affirmed.

Mamba, though nursing a badly wounded calf, helped me exfil via Zodiac boat. The Saudi royal families have been harboring affiliates of Hamas, providing a discreet rabbit hole into the West Bank. Signs indicate Israel’s Arab neighbors are poised for another assault on tentative targets in Jerusalem or Tel Aviv. I’ve sent a dispatch to General Ezra Romm to maneuver his division toward the Sinai Peninsula. They should be able to catch the terrorists off guard. IN THE MEANTIME, I will continue to operate here in Luxor, until my deployment is complete. That is all, I await Mother Goose on the 23#d, [sic.] don’t be late.


Yours truly,

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A Fraud Named Shakespeare

By Natalie Krafft

With references of Greek figures and Biblical illusions, one would be lead to believe that William Shakespeare was a playwright with extensive knowledge. To imagine Queen Elizabeth I as the real Shakespeare makes sense. She was a well-educated woman who had a love for drama and theatre. Shakespeare himself was alive but he most certainly was not the playwright genius modern day Western society has made him out to be. Upon further examination of his class, the lack of information kept on record of him, and the fact that he has written very risqué plays that should have gotten him beheaded, it is not outrageous to question his authenticity. Queen Elizabeth is the genius behind Shakespeare because of her education, her status, her love of drama and theatre, and her immense power.

Queen Elizabeth was born on September 7, 1533 at Greenwich Palace. Her father was King Henry VIII and her mother was Anne Boleyn, Henry’s second wife. Her father’s marriage to Anne was condemned by the Holy Roman Emperor and thus painted Queen Elizabeth I as illegitimate. The only reason King Henry decided to marry Anne Boleyn was out of love and a need for a son as heir to the throne. This scandal made Queen Elizabeth I birth one of the most exciting, politically speaking, during the 16th century. Once this had happened, King Henry had pleaded with his daughter, Mary, to relinquish her title as Princess of Wales and support his new marriage to Anne. However, Mary refused and blamed both Anne Boleyn and Elizabeth for her decline of power. King Henry himself was brought to power after his brother and rightful heir, Arthur had died. This began the reign of the Tudors. Although King Henry did eventually have a son, he died soon after which left Mary with all the power. When Queen Mary had taken power and began her infamous purging of all those non – Catholic, she soon gave her throne to her half – sister on the condition she ruled as a Catholic. This left Elizabeth I to become queen in the 16th century and turn right around on her promise to be Catholic and go back to her Protestant ways. (Henry) (Queen)

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Could Gold Cure Cancer?

By Amanda Bertsch


These are all particles of gold in solution. The reason for their strange colors lies in the sizes of the particles. Photo credit

Craftsmen in the Middle Ages were very fond of their stained glass. They would frequently mix new compounds into the molten glass to try to get better colors. They observed that the best way to get a rich red color was to use a gold chloride compound. Gold is a yellow metal, and chloride is a greenish-yellow gas. How was a combination of the two producing red?

The answer, surprisingly, lies in one of the newest and most complicated areas of medical research: nanotechnology.

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Wonderful Fun at the Wonderland Prom

By Natalie Krafft


As you can guess from the title, this prom had an Alice in Wonderland theme, focusing on the Queen of Hearts. As the evening began, excited Tri-City students shuffled in to see their prom. It’s safe to say that everyone was really impressed.

On April 22nd, the Prescott Lakes Country Club hosted the TCP juniors and seniors attending this year’s dance. Not only was the venue decorated wonderfully, but the outside offered an amazing fireplace for those who preferred chit-chat over dancing. As cozy as the venue was, the outside offered plenty of space to breathe without it being too cold.

Dinner was a buffet style which offered chicken marsala, vegetable ravioli, and salads, with light snacks before the meal was served. Cupcakes were also served after dinner, with a simple rose flower frosting that packed a lot of sweetness. Overall, the dinner and dessert was a hit.

Who were prom royalty, you ask?

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TCP’s Spring Concert A Success

By Natalie Krafft


On April 14th, Tri-City Prep’s music department had its very last concert of the year. All three groups performed exceptionally that night. The audience was also given the lovely surprise of a quintet group, dubbed Strings and Things.

Choir was the first to go, and they suffered a small mishap of not being able to find their music. However, a couple students went up and provided some light humor to distract from the mild setback. Everything eventually went for better and the choir sang beautifully, as always.

Strings and Things also made their debut performance with an excerpt from the Eine Kleine Nachtmusick by Mozart. Lauren Sarantopoulos and Devon Bonelli played on their violin while Amanda Bertsch played the Violin I part on her flute with Sarantopoulos. Natalie Krafft was on viola, and Mathew Lanning played away on his cello.

Beginnings Strings played after, surpassing many people’s expectations. What is interesting about this year’s class is that many of them already had a musical background. This previous knowledge of music most certainly helped them to sound better than other Beginning Strings classes from the past.

Chamber Orchestra settled for vigor in their selections playing both loud and strong pieces. Despite the awkwardness of setting up the chairs, the audience seemed very pleased with the music itself. Mrs. T also took this time to award Lauren Sarantopoulos and Ethan & Natalie Krafft the silver ladle award for winning this year’s Chili Cook Off.

To end the program, all three groups came together to sing a medley of songs from The Phantom of the Opera. Many soloists were featured for this pieces. Kate DuBroy, Seth Rollin, Grace Padilla, Ian Otto, Solena Daniels, Dayna Bergman, Ammon Worden, Max Baker, and Emma Burns were all among the soloists. They all sang incredibly alongside their fellow peers.

Now that the spring concert has come to an end, the classes now work towards Graduation! Graduation will be on May 27th and it is mandatory for all music students to attend. The TCP Music Department did a wonderful job this year with all their hard work and performances!


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