Freshmen Representatives Selected

by: Taylor Whittemore

On August 23, the freshman class gathered in the auditorium to vote for their Student Council representatives. As the candidates sat on stage answering questions, the students were considering who they were going to vote for.

After multiple questions and many well thought out answers, the freshmen cast their votes. The results were tallied and then later broadcasted over the announcements. The freshman representatives were Alexis “Lexi” Lucas, Anna Reed, Cody Tegtman, and Emily Smith.

Lucas began at Lincoln Elementary School in kindergarten, and remained there until the end of fifth grade. She then attended Mile High Middle School through sixth and seventh grade, and spent half of her eighth grade year at Mile High, and half in Mexico, studying abroad. Lucas also started the track team at Tri-City.

Reed went to Cedarhome Elementary in Washington State from kindergarten to third grade. In fourth grade, she moved to Arizona, and began Liberty Traditional, where she graduated both elementary and middle school. She is also on the soccer team at Tri-City.

Tegtman attended Coyote Springs for kindergarten, but transferred to Taylor Hicks during first grade, and stayed there until fifth grade. He went to Mile High for middle school, and he plans on doing golf in the spring.

Smith went to Franklin Phonetics from kindergarten to third grade. Then in fourth grade, she went to Skyview up to eighth grade. However, in eighth grade, she switched to Mile High. Smith plans on focusing on student council, and putting all her effort into fundraising with the other freshman representatives.

Student council meets every Wednesday morning. During the meeting, they discuss leadership, ideas, what’s coming up, what needs to be finished, and fundraisers.

“They’re informative of what’s going on,” said Lucas.

Keri Milliken, the director of student council, said that she enjoys the freshman representatives. She said that they volunteer a lot and are quiet during meetings. She also thinks that they have a lot of potential.

The student council runs the Student Store. All student council members take turns running the store. Because the freshman class is new, the upperclassmen are instructing them how to run it.

“Running the Student Store is fun, it can get stressful, but once you know what you’re doing it’s fun,” said Tegtman.

The freshmen representatives, experienced or not, are all working very hard to help plan a lot of events for the upcoming year. You can look forward to seeing the impact they have on our school and seeing the differences they make in our lives.

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