Students Have More of an Adventure Than Expected on Life Skills Camp Out

Kevin Andreasky taking a break from the many activities to enjoy a drink

By: Patrick O’Connor

The sun begins to set on the Bradshaw Mountains as nineteen students huddle around their fires. They are from Tri City Prep’s Life Skills class with a goal for survival. Over the trip, they will build shelters, bushwhack through mountains, navigate with a map and compass, and cook with rabbit.

The trip began during the Fall Block. Students made fires and learned how to build traps and snares for food. Mrs. Miliken taught first aid while Mr. Burgess taught essential survival skills. With this knowledge, they were sent off into the vast wilderness.

The students were divided into teams. Their goal was to earn points through challenging competitions. The team that won first place could pick their choice of elk, fish, bratwurst or rabbit for dinner.

One challenge was starting a fire using a fire ring. They built the ring, and used a magnifying glass to burn a rope tied to the ring. After many struggles, they were allowed to use lighters and matches. The teams then cooked their dinner over their fires. They successfully cooked hot dogs using Dutch Ovens and sticks.

The night ended as everyone headed off to sleep. Some teams slept in tents, while others slept in survival shelters built of wood and tarp. The motive for people to sleep in the shelters was to earn extra points.

The teams woke up to another challenge – cooking breakfast. They cooked eggs and ham in their Dutch ovens. After finishing their meal, the teams were relieved by having a much needed downtime. The more competitive students used this time to earn more points. Some built a solar still to collect water, while others even ate bugs and reptiles for points!

After the insect genocide, it was time for the orienteering competition. Each team was given a map and compass, and a navigation lecture from Mr. Pasterino. The objective was to find certain places called “points”. At each point, the teams collected a notecard to prove they were there.

At dinner, the winners of the orienteering competition surprisingly chose the rabbit. The losers had to eat bratwurst. Potatoes, rice, and onions completed the meal. The dinner was delicious, partially due to the Dutch oven French Fries that were created.

Despite these “problems”, everyone had a blast! Daniel Couthran concluded that “It was a great adventure because we saw our classmates and teachers in a more relaxed setting, and learned about ourselves.”

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