Tri City Soccer Overwhelms Camp Verde High School 8-2

Sabrina Flick, Bryten Burch, and Tim Holbrook work together to clear the ball from the defensive line. Photo by: Sabrina Flick

By: Taylor Whittemore

The Panthers battled Camp Verde High School September 21 at our home field and came out victorious with a score of 8-2.

The game was filled with active participation of the athletes. Dillon Stowell, Dallas Meade, and Gavan Turner all scored goals. Stowell scored one, while Meade scored five, and Turner scored two.

The players were ecstatic about their game performance.

“We did great!” said Emily Beaman.

“We have had a really strong team this year, but we’re still learning to play together”, said a sophomore player.

The bystanders were also very impressed.

Allegra Bodine said that there was “a lot of good passing and talking” between players.

Coach Turner could barely contain his excitement. He was proud because they had played well together. He also felt that Tri City Prep’s early lead made it a better experience because everybody participated.

Coach Rudy also thought that it was a great game.“It went real well in the first half, and we gained quite an advantage, a good goal advantage,” he said.

But Coach Rudy had a different view about Tri City Prep’s “early lead”. “When we’re ahead by four goals, everyone wants to score, and we don’t play our game anymore. Everyone wants to pass, when instead, we should take advantage of the situation,” he said.

Kyra Worden, the soccer manager, mentioned that having the advantage on the home field gave the other team more competition. She also admitted that the game went better than she expected.

The soccer team has been practicing hard for almost a month. Coach Turner thought it was to the team’s advantage by making them stronger. The team practices everyday after school to 4:30 pm. Their workouts consist of warm ups, stretches, drills, and scrimmages.

The team’s hard work and struggles paid off as they kicked off a great start to the soccer season.

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