Yet Another Standardized Test Hits Tri City

Emma England Studying Up for her PSATs

By: Sabrina Flick

Many sophomores and juniors from Tri City College Prep have stepped into the studying zone for the next few weeks. For most, the Preliminary SAT’s, also known as the PSAT’s, are the first step to a bright future. With a chance of qualifying for National Merit Scholarships and a chance of colleges scouting you, the students are aware that studying is the key to success.

“I have looked over all of the vocabulary to be prepared”, said Emma England.

The PSAT’s range from reading skills, math skills, and writing skills. With a handy PSAT study guide distributed to each student that signs up, going into the PSAT test students can be confident that they will achieve their goals.

There is a large process that goes along with the National Merit Scholarship. First of all, the National Merit Scholarship Corporation is a non-profit organization that works without government assistance.  In order to enter to receive scholarships from the National Merit Scholarship Corporation in 2013, students must take the PSAT’s. The top 50,000 high scorers will be recognized in April of 2012. They will be offered the College Plans Reporting Service and they will be allowed to choose to college in which they would like NMSC to refer them to.

 34,000 of the 50,000 students in September 2011 will receive Letters of Commendation, but won’t continue in the National Merit Scholarships. Some of these students will be candidates for special scholarships.

16,000 students will go on to the semifinalist and only 15,000 will advance to be finalists. There will be 1,300 special scholarships awarded and 8,300 Merit Scholarship winners.

The PSAT’s will be held on October 15, 2011 for $18, in the TCP auditorium. All writing utensils will be supplied.

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