TCP Cross Country Hits the Ground Running

From right to left, runners Hyram Yarbro, Joseph Peck, and Joshua Eddolls push themselves through the track.
By Hyram Yarbro

On Monday, October 3rd, the Tri-City Cross Country team hosted their first invitational meet. In this particular meet, they were up against 5 different schools namely Northpoint, Spring Ridge, and Oak Creek Ranch.

The course was 2.5 miles long, and covered a variety of terrain which included inclines and declines on asphalt roads, dirt roads, and the shrubs behind TCP’s campus. The course started and finished on the TCP soccer field, where parents and coaches could await their team’s winning runners.

Tri City scored first above the other schools, and all 7 runners placed under 19th position out of a total of 36 runners. The crowd cheered as the first contestant to cross the finish line was TCP’s own John Wicus, closely followed by another student at TCP, Carl Zapfe. Other runners quickly followed.

“I believe I did well. I scored under 30 minutes, and that’s good enough for me!” said Brenda from Northpoint Academy. “This is my first time, and I am excited to be in more meets coming up.”

Although some of the runners did not feel totally pleased with their score, their parents were there to cheer them on at the finish of the race. Many of the parents of kids in Tri-City’s Cross Country team believed their teens did well. Joe’s mother, Debora said “Joe did very well! I am very proud of him and his score! I am very excited when he runs and I want him to do his absolute best. It is very exciting.”

However, other parents did not feel that their child did as well as they were capable of. Tim Delaviaga’s mother, Jackie, said, “I think that Tim did pretty well, but because of side ache pains, he wasn’t able to do his best… I am absolutely looking forward to more meets. Next time, I will bring a cheering squad for Tim and the Panthers… We anxiously waited at the finish, hoping everyone would do their best!”

Tim Delaviaga, one of TCP’s runners, said, “I think I did ok, but I could have done better. Meets are a blast and I am looking forward to more of them.”

The cross country team did great on their first meet and will hopefully do just as well in their future meets!