Halloween’s Haunted History — Revealed!

Halloween originated in Ireland as a Celtic festival known as Samhain (Sah-win).  This festival was to celebrate the end of harvest, on October 31 it was thought that the worlds of dead and living met and that evil spirits could cause damage to crops.
Trick or treating, a famous Halloween activity among children, came from Britain during the Middle Ages. It started out where one would go door to door praying and receiving food in return. The night to do this was called Hallowmas, on November 1.
Every year people go out dressed as many things, such as a ghost, princess, or even a cowboy. They do this, because when this tradition was evolving, It was originally meant to please evil spirits so that they wouldn’t harm that person in any way.
The earliest record of Halloween in America is from 1911 where a newspaper reported that children would go street to street reciting poems and getting treats as rewards.
Jack-O-Lanterns are another Irish tradition. The story goes a man named Jack had tricked the devil into promising not to take Jack’s soul. When Jack died, Heaven refused him and the devil stuck to his promise of not taking him. Jack was stuck on earth, with only a coal to light his way. He placed the coal in a hollowed turnip, his favorite food, and has roamed the earth since then.
When immigrating to America the Irish kept the tradition of hollowing out fruit to keep Jack away, but found it easier to carve pumpkins.
Only a small part of the world celebrates Halloween today. The United States and The United Kingdom are major contributors. Ireland and Canada also carry the tradition, although media is changing that statistic by spreading the activity throughout the world.
Most students have no prior knowledge of Halloween.  One anonymous student  said “I don’t really know anything about Halloween”.
Arianna Olvera, a freshman replied to the question “What do you know about Halloween’s History” with, “[I know] absolutely nothing”.
But not all students are left in the dark from this spooky holiday Alison Whitney, also a freshman stated “I know it’s one of the world’s oldest holidays”.
Lauren Ryan, a senior noted that “I know it’s a pagan Holiday”.
This Halloween watch out for those ghouls and ghosts and have a safe night.
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