Soccer Defeats Tri City Christian for the First Time in Five Years

Caden Burch steals the ball to move it up the field. Photo by: Sabrina Flick
By Sabrina Flick

Tri City Prep soccer players traveled all the way down to Chandler, Arizona to battle it out with Tri City Christian. Playing on a rough field and against a more competitive team made the first half of the game challenging for both teams.

“Honestly, we played pretty bad, but due to the speed of the field and the heat it wasn’t terrible. We definitely should have had more goals, but it could have been worse as well. It’s hard playing against the refs as well as players. But hey, we did our best and came out on top so that’s all that matters in any game,” said Gavan Turner.

“This wasn’t our cleanest game. It was a little rough to be honest,  but we played with enough heart that we pulled out the win,” said Dallas Meade.

In the second half, Tri City knew they had to step it up in order to win. With the defense and the offense working harder, Tri City made more progress. After a long wait, Meade scored a goal.

Unfortunately for Tri City Prep, Tri City Christian slipped one into their goal. This was when Tri City Prep really kicked it into gear.

Within the last few minutes of the game, Meade scored another goal. Turner made a goal off of a penalty kick, but unfortunately it did not count because it was supposed to be an indirect kick.

In the end, the final score was 2 to 1. Tri City Prep pulling off yet another victory.