Tri City Soccer Continues to Own Even on Enemy Territory

Dallas Meade protects the ball on an attack on goal. Photo by Sabrina Flick
By Sabrina Flick

Tri City continues their undefeated journey. They played a chilly game against Camp Verde. In the first half, Camp Verde could hardly keep the ball in their offense’s possession. Tri City’s defense was once again extremely strong and the offense also stepped it up one notch from the last game.

“Well I thought we played really good and that we played with a lot of heart, but I’d say I was most impressed with our defense. [They] allowed us to control the game,” said Dallas Meade.

A large part of the game was filled with many corner kicks. During one of these kicks, Caden Burch, a defensive player, almost scored a goal.

Tri city had an extremely hard working defense which helped to keep the ball mostly in the offenses possession.  Nate Cunningham, serving as goalie, was very protective of the TCP goal.

“I think we played great…our offense and defense was on top of its game and took us to a great, smooth victory” said Dillon Stowell.

The official score ended up 7 to 1 in Tri City’s favor. Meade scored three, Catie Hoekstra scored two, and Stowell scored two. Their next game is October 21. They’ll travel to Phoenix to battle Tri City Christian. Good luck Panthers!