Tri City’s Freshmen Orientation: An Inside Look

By Sabrina Flick

Freshman Orientation took place on October 25th in Tri City Prep’s auditorium. At the orientation, incoming freshman and their parents were informed about the school.

Dr. Halvorson began the meeting by explaining Tri City Prep’s faculty requirements. She said that every teacher is required to have a masters degree, and that some teachers are even college professors.

The next topic was about sports. Dr. Halvorson explained all of the sports offered at Tri City Prep. These sports include soccer, rowing, basketball, volleyball, archery, softball, golf, and cross country. Each sport’s pay-to-play money is one hundred dollars. She also explained that they count for a quarter of physical education credit.

She then discussed the college courses available to the students. They can take college classes through Yavapai Community College as a duel credit. This means that these classes will count for both high school and college credit.

Another topic discussed was the behavior at TCP. Observation reports were explained and the dress code was addressed. Tri City Prep is a small school, so there were not many issues involved.

Finally, the curriculum was addressed. TCP has a large art program ranging from 3D Art to Choir. All of the performing arts include 3D Art, 2D Art, Choir, Chamber Orchestra, and Beginning Strings. Along with many Art programs, there are many Honors Societies, including English, Art, Mu Alpha Theta, Tri M, Science, and The National Honors Society. The foreign languages include Latin, Spanish, and Japanese.

After meeting with the faculty, the students were brought into the library to have the opportunity to ask Mrs. Miliken questions. The majority of the questions asked were about the classes at Tri City offers.

“The meeting was very informative and I learned a lot,” said Hannah Flick, an incoming freshman. “I hope the next year will be fun and I hope I learn a lot.”

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