School-Wide Food Drive: Making a Difference in Our Community

By Anna Flurry

 For the past few weeks, Tri-M and Mu Alpha Theta have been raising canned food and money for the hungry. Fourth-hour classes competed for a pizza or cupcake party, with the minimum requirement of 200 lbs of food in their bin to be a winner.

 According to, 32% of Yavapai County is made up of the working poor, or those who are below the poverty line. The statistics show that these 67,700 people miss 23% of their meals every year, simply because they cannot afford them. 32% of their meals are provided by private or public food programs.

 This is where Tri-City comes in. The contributions that students, parents, and teachers have been donating will help to supplement the 23% of meals needed by the working poor in the Yavapai area.

 “The needs of the Yavapai Food Bank are very extensive with the current economic situation,” Mrs. Terauchi said, “but I think we did a pretty phenomenal job for such a small school.”

 “It’s great for charity,” said Sarah Cramer (junior).

 In the meantime, competition between classes was fierce as usual. According to Amanda Barry, Zach Keenan, and Sarah Cramer, the most competitive teachers were Mrs. Terauchi, Mrs. Winters, and Mrs. Milliken.

 “My 4th period choir students were really excited and they even went around the other classrooms to “spy” and see how much food other classes had,” Mrs. Terauchi also said.

 As it turned out, Mrs. Milliken’s Shakespeare class won the drive with 104 lbs of canned food, and Mrs. Terauchi’s Choir came in second with 88 lbs. Since neither class reached the minimum of 200 lbs, lesser awards are being considered, such as a cookie or ice cream party.

 At the Fall Concert on November 17th, baskets were also passed around to the parents in the crowd in an effort to gain more contributions for the Yavapai Food Bank. This year’s proceeds have yet to be totaled, but last year, hundreds were raised, so Tri-M and Mu Alpha Theta are hoping for the best.

 “The food drive was a great success and we were able to bring in more food by joining forces with Mu Alpha Theta and doing it as a school-wide event,” said Mrs. Terauchi.

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