Students Stretch Themselves for Symposiums

By Patrick O’ Connor

Topics like time travel, marijuana, and gravitational anomalies are not normal topics for a high school student to be discussing during any science class. However, all of these topics were addressed by Tri-City students as part of the school’s third annual science symposium presentations. On November twenty-eightieth through November thirtieth students researched and presented interesting topics to a panel of judges.  

             Students in the Physics, Anatomy and Physiology, and Honors Chemistry classes were required to prepare a topic and present it. These topics could be anything that related to their class and had to be approved by their teacher. The students were encouraged to choose something specific that they were interested in studying and to try to find some current research going on in the field. They were also encouraged to try to find sources out of scholarly journals.

             On the nights of the presentations the auditorium was filled with people. Students showcased PowerPoint presentations to demonstrate their new knowledge on the topic. The judges graded them on everything from their speaking skills to their manner of dress. After their eight to ten minute presentation, the judges and members of the audience were able to ask the students questions about the topic.

             “The presentations were very informative. All of the topics were incredibly interesting.” said Danny Plewa.

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