TCP Students Show off their Noodle Skills for “Use Your Noodle Day”


Mr. Pasterion supervises the Seniors vs Juniors Noodle Fight in the Gym at Lunch

By Anna Flurry

 Tuesday, November 22, was Tri-City Prep’s first Noodle Day ever! Kids used their noodles, both literally and metaphorically, to eat food and play games involving spaghetti and pool floaties.

 Mu Alpha Theta and Math Honors combined forces to provide food and volunteer work for the activities offered during Noodle Day.

 “I was really overwhelmed with how the math honors kids participated,” said Mrs. Winters. “Everybody… did what they were supposed to do and participated well.”

 Throughout the day, a variety of activities transpired.  Math problems were passed out during second period, and the first student in every class to finish with the correct answer received a coupon for a free muffin.

 During lunch, students participated in a noodle race where they had to lift penne noodles with dry spaghetti into a cup without using any hands. After that, a noodle war raged in the gym as teams from each class tried to knock off “meatballs” balanced on other students’ hands with their pool noodles.

 “I just watched,” said Danielle Freeman (freshman). “I liked Kevin’s ‘death’ [during the Noodle war].”

 “I think it was fun to watch the kids in the quad just kind of mess around and have people rally around them,” said Mrs. Winters.

 After a twenty minute extended lunch break, kids returned to class.

 “Noodle Day was a fun way to unwind before break,” said Dylan Solon (junior). “We got to play games, eat good food, and hit each-other with Styrofoam noodles.”

 Next year, Mrs. Winters hopes to improve Noodle Day even more. “Personally I’d like to see more cognitive next year.” She also wants to talk to the staff and her math students about how else to improve Noodle Day.

 More math-related activities are also planned for the rest of the school year.

 “First semester we came up with Noodle Day, and then we’re going to do… the college bowl type assembly the last day of the year,” said Mrs. Winters. “Next semester we’ll have pi day, and then we’ll go ahead and have another activity… I’m thinking of a math and science day like we did several years ago.”

 Tri-City Prep has a fun year ahead

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