The Arts Thrive at TCP

By Anna Flurry

Thursday, January 12th was a busy evening for students at Tri-City Prep when both the Tri-M induction and an Honors Art Show happened.

Twelve people were inducted into Tri-M, and Dr. Brieling traveled from Yavapai College to give a speech at the event, urging students to enjoy music and the opportunities it provides.

“It was great to see my sister inducted,” said Joe Winters, a sophomore. He also said that Rachel Winters was very excited about the opportunity.

In the upcoming semester, music students will be involved in a variety of activities. Auditions to get into Regional Band as well as the Solo and Ensemble festival is coming up soon. Also, Tri-M is sponsoring Music Memory mentors for the local elementary schools in the upcoming months.

The art show was also a great achievement. 51 art students attended the function, as well as one or two dozen people not enrolled in a class.

“My overall feeling is that this was a success,” said Mr. Terauchi.

“Art honors was very prepared and excited for this event,” said Sarah Cramer, a junior, “and…it was a great success.”

The art shows have also grown since when they first began.

“When I first started teaching, I spent hours setting up the show… I started to run fevers, only to have 2 to 6 people show up,” says Mr. Terauchi. “Now students are motivated to come see the art. Students from previous years even show up to help.”

Students in art classes are also required to visit three art shows, two of which can be school functions.

“My boyfriend and I went to look at art galleries to fit one of my requirements in art class,” said one student when asked about the impact that the art program has had on her. “It was only supposed to be a quick in-and-out… But after the first art gallery, we found out that we were really enjoying ourselves. So we spent the rest of the afternoon… looking at different art galleries.”

Overall, it seems that the art and music programs at TCP have made a huge difference.

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