The Great Republican Race

By Anna Flurry

 With the Arizona Republican primaries taking place on Tuesday the 28th of February and Super Tuesday on March 6th, Americans are gearing up for the 2012 elections. This includes Tri-City Prep students, who are keeping their eyes on the candidates.

 The four main candidates left in the Republican primaries are Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, and Ron Paul. Two students said that they hope Santorum or Paul will win but are pretty sure that Romney will be the victor.

 Interestingly, this conviction does not match the findings of RealClearPolitics, an online poll that placed Santorum at a higher popularity rate than Romney, based on averaged data from several other sites.  The data can be found here:

 However, more than just the candidates, the Republican primaries open the broader issue of voting and politics at a young age.

 “Right now, I haven’t been really following the primary because I feel that the candidates that I actually want in are not going to win the primary,” said Jake Levin, a junior.

 “I honestly don’t really pay attention to politics,” admitted Marissa Melchiors, also a junior.

 Grant DeYoung, a junior, also commented that he was “not as connected as I should be, but much more connected then others my age.”

 In explanation as to why teens aren’t following politics, one student said, “I figure since I don’t have the ability to vote (or the time to study the candidates), there’s no reason for me to stay very up to date about it.”

 Most of these people believed they would vote in the future however.

 “It is my right as a US citizen,” said DeYoung.

 “I think I would vote at any age if given the ability,” said one student, “because I believe voting is a large part of being a citizen in the US.”

 “I will vote when I turn 18 because I feel it is my duty as a citizen of these United States and a privilege that should not be taken for granted,” said Levin.

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