Number, Prizes, and Pi; Who Could Ask For More?

By: Kelly Stoddard


On Thursday, March 8th, Tri-City Prep celebrated “Pi Day” all day with pie, competition, and games.  Pi Day was an educational day with a fun twist, and everybody seemed to have a good time. Pie was also sold in the cafeteria in celebration of the occasion.

“I had a great time, because it was educational and delicious!”  said freshman Lexie Lucas.

One of the activities during the day was the memorization of pi.  Many people only know pi as simply as 3.14, but, Nick Magdeleno won the pi memorization by reciting 134 of digits in pi.

“I started studying the pi digits around 8:30 that day, and studied until lunch.  The first time I got 27 digits, but I begged for another chance and I got 134 digits,”  said Madeleno.

Freshman Danielle Freeman thought Pi Day “was a blast and that the memorization of pi was the most incredible part!”
TCP began celebrating Pi Day two years ago as a fun way to get students interested in math and pie. Pi Day is officially on March 14 (3.14) each year and is also Albert Einstein’s birthday. Each year it is a school favorite that sparks interest in math if only for that day.

“Pi Day was a great way for kids to learn and have fun at the same time… It was awesome that students at TCP are open enough that they can just chill out and enjoy such an activity,” said Anna Flurry.

Pi Day was greatly appreciated and overall, the TCP students seemed to enjoy themselves. Thanks to teachers and the participation of Tri City Students, Pi Day had a big impact with aspects of education and fun.


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