Math AIMS Prep Tips

By: Jacob Holevar

With the mathematics portion of AIMs fast approaching, what is the best way to study for it?

The mathematics AIMs will focus mostly upon basic algebra and geometry, so that is what should be studied leading up to the test. The AIMs test provides the students with a reference sheet with all of the formulas needed to complete the test, so memorizing formulas is useless.

The main thing to understand is the need to apply information. Many problems will deal with applying given information either to word problems or to geometrical shapes and formulas. Since almost all problems deal with a formula, and all the formulas are given, it cannot be stressed enough that the most important thing is having a proper understanding of how to apply the given information into the formula or problem.

Once you have studied and prepped for the AIMs, many of the tricks for a better score are employed during the actual testing session. Many questions that students miss on the AIMs aren’t because they didn’t understand or know how to complete the problem. Things such as awkwardly phrased questions, mismarking the scantron bubble, and being bored and tired near the end of the test can cause serious fluctuations in scores.

Re-reading questions, and considering every meaning of the question will often help alleviate confusion about what is being asked by a question, thus improving scores. Mismarking answer bubbles is a common way to lose points, but is also easily avoided. Simple things such as stopping every five questions and re reading all the previous questions and answers will eliminate almost all chance of this simple mistake taking place.

To keep from being bored, take snacks and take frequent short breaks to eat a small snack and stretch for a minute. If you follow these guidelines, the math AIMs will be a breeze.

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