Spirits Soar at TCP as Students Enjoy Spirit Week

By Anna Flurry

 The week of Monday, April 2, or Spirit Week for the students of Tri-City Prep, was a time for dancing, dressing up, and celebrating the individuality of students at TCP. Spirit Week was a huge success as teachers and students alike celebrated and expressed their pride in TCP.

The Spring Semester Spirit Week featured a mismatch day, crazy hair day, movie character day, and decades day. The entire school participated in the festivities, and the week was concluded with the high-energy Spring Fling.

“My favorite day for dressing up was movie character day because I was able to wear my Snow White costume.” said Amanda Romaine, senior.

“I really enjoyed mismatch day because you got to really go all out and crazy with it,” said freshman Danielle Freeman.

Shailin Crary, a junior, said, “I liked crazy hair day the best because a lot of people participated and the crazy hair provoked a lot of laughter throughout the day.”

School spirit was also an important part of Spirit Week, and people had many different ideas about the level of school spirit at TCP.

“School spirit at TCP has always just been about an individual taking opportunities to dress up, not actually enthusiastic about the school,” said John Wicus, senior.

Freeman thought school spirit was intermediate. “Some people were crazy, but most didn’t even dress up.”

 “There can ALWAYS be more school spirit,” said Romaine, “but I think that there were a good number of people participating in this particular spirit week.”
“I think it could be worthwhile if people took its meaning seriously,” said Marisa Magdaleno, senior. “They [should] dress up as an act of showing true school spirit instead of dressing up just because they’re allowed to dress funny.”

However, many agreed that the activities were still meaningful.

“I think it’s a great way to show your personality, individualism, and creativity,” said Freeman.

It “keep(s) up moral,” said Nathaniel Trujillo, freshman, and it “gets us though the semester.”

Teachers also dressed up during the week, bringing an air of festivity and amusement to the student body.

It “increased spirit for students,” said Trujillo. The teachers provided a “great influence and laughs.”

“The teachers looked great!” said Romaine. “Mrs. Winters looked exactly like Elle Woods from Legally Blonde and Mrs. Milliken made an excellent Tinkerbell.”

“I enjoy when the teachers dress up because it helps break past the student-teacher relationship,” said Freeman. “We can all have fun together just as people.”

The Spring Fling was also a featured event during the week.

“I am looking forward to Spring Fling,” said Romaine before the occasion. “Dances are always a good time to see friends and relax.”

“I was looking forward to the Spring Fling, and this was the best dance I have ever been to,” said Crary after the dance. “Mostly because the teachers danced including Mr. P and the old music was fun to attempt to dance to.”

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