The Mary Ellen Halvorson Education Foundation Scholarship

By: Daniel Couthran

When one thinks of Dr. Halvorson, several thoughts come to mind; innovator, mentor, helper, just to name a few.  We see her as the person who founded the school, someone who had the perseverance and motivation to make her dream come true. Even after she has achieved so much from her genuine passion for caring, she still gives back to the students that she has helped formed and whose lives she has touched.

by: Daniel Couthran

Available in her name is the Mary Ellen Halvorson Education Foundation Scholarship. This year the foundation is trying to give a total of $10,000 in scholarships. This is something to be looked at for any graduating senior. The applications are available in Mrs. Norris’s office, and require little work to fill out. We all know how lazy seniors can be with a month left of high school.

The application simply wants college plans, some signatures from teachers, list of courses and clubs, grading the amount of parental support, and some rudimentary signing. It is well worth the time and effort to at least take a peek at the form. The deadline was April 30 and we’re all anxious to discover who the lucky winners will be.

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