Sports Banquet Astounds Guests with Record Breaking Attendance and Sport Seasons

By: Jacob Holevar

On Thursday May 3rd, Tri-City Prep hosted its annual Sports Award Banquet at the Yavapai Gathering Center.

The Sports Banquet is intended to honor the athletes at TCP. The parents and coaches are also recognized for their support. This year’s banquet was a record breaking size and hosted nine teams: Archery, Men’s Basketball, Woman’s Basketball, Cross Country, Golf, Rowing, Soccer, Softball, and Volleyball.

The night started with a spaghetti dinner for five dollars, during which attendees could eat and socialize until the award ceremony started at six o’clock.

During the award ceremony, each coach called his team up to the front of the room. At this time the coaches handed out awards to each athlete for their participation. The coaches also handed out specialized awards to the athletes that the coaches thought deserved them.

The specialized awards varied for each sport. For instance, Soccer handed out awards such as most goals scored, most assists, best goal to shot ratio, and others like those. Rowing handed out awards such as best coxswain. Volleyball gave out awards like most apt to dive for the ball.

Once every team had given out their awards, the scholar athletes were called up. To become a scholar athlete, athletes must participate in the same sport for at least three years and maintain a grade point average of at least three point five.

This year the school had a record breaking thirteen scholar athletes: Kevin Andreasky, Katy Chandler, Genaro Cornela, John Dery, Nathan Dodge, Bethany Ford, Jessica Holevar, Becca Kepner, Karen Ann Mancha, Farah Massardi, Danielle Oquist, Ashton Sands, and Gavin Turner. Two of those athletes, Kevin Andreasky and Jessica Holevar, were both four year scholar athletes.

These athletes had an average unweighted GPA of 3.75 and a weighted GPA of 4.12. The parents and staff were both amazed and honored as the athletes were recognized for their great achievements. This year, TCP sports were highly successful with an undefeated Soccer season, record breaking Basketball seasons including a first-time championship for the Girls’ Basketball team, and an excellent Rowing season. We hope next year’s teams can measure up to the excellent skill and ability demonstrated by this years’ athletes.