The Great Graduates’ Adventures Begins

By: Jacob Holevar

As the end of the year approaches, seniors and graduating juniors have made their final decisions as to where they are going to college.

There are forty-four seniors and three juniors graduating this year. These seniors and juniors have worked really hard throughout their high school career at TCP. These students are reaping the benefits of their work as they go to college. An example of this hard work is the fact that eighteen of the forty-four, over 40%, seniors qualified for the tuition waiver for in state universities.

However, not all of these seniors used their tuition waivers because some are pursuing education out of state. These seniors are: Jesse Blum and John Dery attending American University, Marisa Eastman attending Concordia University, Connor Handolson attending a college in Santa Fe, NM, And Marisa Melchior, a junior, attending Utah Valley University. Jessica Holevar is attending the University of Pennsylvania, which is one of the eight ivy league schools in the country.

The rest of the seniors are pursuing in state education, or in Joe Peck’s case, following a career path in the military. There are a total of thirty-eight students going to an in state college or university. Five of those students are attending ASU, five are attending NAU, seven are attending U of A, two are attending GCU, three are attending ERAU, fourteen are attending YC, and two have not decided

One of the other juniors, Brittany Walker, will also be attending YC. The third junior, Georgia Massie will be traveling around the world with her parents.