Appreciating the Environment at TCP

By Dr. Halvorson

Over the past 8 years, many students have walked the TCP campus. It is with great pride in those students that I can say we have a clean and beautiful campus.  Students appreciate this educational environment and help to keep it free from litter, graffiti and damage.

Two years ago, we noticed that some were getting careless with their language which also contributes to the educational environment. We started a program called QL@TCP which stands for Quality Language at Tri-City Prep. It was felt that as college-bound students and college graduates, we should be able to find higher quality words to express ourselves. (Research has shown that when swear words are used, the most primitive part of our brain is stimulated.)  Everyone took up the cause with such enthusiasm that it was automatically passed to the new freshmen last year without the faculty saying anything. I also appreciate that I have not heard any low-quality language out of this year’s freshmen either. Way to go. Keep up the good work.