By Natalie Krafft

Sh…Sh… be quiet. If you listen closely at night and ignore the city, the people, the technology and focus on what was here first, nature, you can hear it.

It can be anything to anybody. It can be a calming sensation after a chaotic day and sleepless night. Or, it can be an exciting firework show from a day filled with mindless robots telling you how to be part of society. Or it can just be it. That’s it. Nature is it. Whether it’s the most mesmerizing song or the most intriguing flower of a sweet reminisce filled with the aroma of home. Nature is everything we ever created. Once you can hear it then, and only then, are you really part of nature.

Those who are peaceful are an evergreen tree swaying carelessly in a summer breeze. Evergreens are one with everything around them. They allow the mindless robots to cool off before returning to their dreary world of repeats. They allow the eccentric growing ferns to creep up them for a friendly conversation of the weather and the girl with braids who sat just a few minutes ago alongside them. Evergreens will be forever peaceful as they watch the sunset and not think of an ending day, but the arrival of a new promise. Those who are light hearted and fairy-like are the lilies on a lily pad making friends with secret princes waiting to be kissed by a lucky princess. The princes need those lily pads to attract that lucky princess and a meal of juicy flies. These fairy people do not mind, they enjoy the company immensely because they too, are one with nature. They can truly understand why princes need to be hidden secretly.

Sometimes, a naughty brat named Eve will play tricks and pretend to be Ivy for a day. She will tap anyone who passes by to play a marvelous game of tag in which she cannot be tagged, but she can tag. She will snicker away as she goes back in to her normal Eve and tells her friends about the marvelous game she experienced. And she has proof. She always says they are ‘itching’ for more play.

When the moon creeps up over the sunset awaiting its time to shine, he brings along his cousin, or else they’d whine. When his cousins go, they wake up their best friend, the firefly, who’ll always talk to them. They’ll talk of dancing and singing, the pond and outer space, and how they wish they could take each other’s place. But a firefly can’t fly to outer space, and a star can’t fling itself on earth. So for now, daydreaming will have to do.

But who shall guard the unprotected that live in this dark empty hole? Wise Mr. Owl shall. He shall watch all and teach all who are eager to learn. With light-bulbs for two eyes, he’ll be able to see everything that occurs in this dark empty hole. He must keep an eye out for Little Bat. Little Bat doesn’t hurt things, typically, it just gather fruit, lots and lots of fruit. Sometimes, however, Mr. Bat will play mischievous games just to annoy Mr. Owl. But I assure you, it’s taken care of quickly. When the moon slips away, and sun comes out to play, both of these marvelous beings will go and sleep the day away.

Once Mr. Owl succumbs to the call of dreams, someone else will be watching this intriguing place.

You. You shall watch the doe eat the feathery grass and you’ll watch the flower bloom to set the stage for a beautiful spring. It’s your turn to take care of this place, for the day that is. Because in the night, Mr. Owl has his lights will be turned on to watch all the others who silently sleep (or snore, whichever it is).

At night, in this place, the moon talks to the pond, because someone who looks just like him is there. But when they talk, they talk at the same time, saying the same thing. How queer, perhaps he should look into it more. The cousins know why. They will always know why. The start will know why humans wonder about life. Because to them, they do not think about life to get answer, they wonder about life to get questions. Anybody else, with no life, can get those answers for them.

At night, bears will go to their slumber after forging for foods. They’d look for berries, and salmon, and some unlucky caffeinated squirrels. Perhaps their coffee is hazelnut flavored. That would be good. All day, they run around screaming for nuts. They shake their bushy tail and try to look innocent as they steal from the trees. They even make home in trees saying they need it to stay warm. But perhaps, it’s just how they are. Over-caffeinated, hyper, bushy-tailed, and very innocent looking. You can only experience this wonder by being quiet. Quieter than an under-caffeinated squirrel.

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