Rikki Jones Models at Babies to Boomers

By Natalie Krafft

On October 25th, the Babies to Boomers expo was held at the adult center of Prescott. With small businesses lining the rooms to advertise their business, it was a great opportunity to not only support local business but also to support the Akita Advocates.

At this expo, there was a great fashion show that Rikki Jones was able to take part of. “My favorite part of this particular fashion show was being a part of an event the Prescott held as a community.” says Rikki Jones. “This was my first time modeling in a fashion show that [I] haven’t put together so to be a part of something that big was absolutely amazing! Oh and the shoes…. the shoes were great!” Jones adds.

“I decided to do the fashion show because I love being a part of the latest fashion trends. I’ve always loved fashion and modeling so to be a part of something like this to help promote a business in their latest fashion trends was absolutely amazing!” says Jones when asked about why she decided to take part in this fashion show.

The fashion show lasted forty-five minutes so that way the Palace and the Classy-N- Sassy Boutique could both show off their stuff. All the clothes that the models wore were from one of those two places. All of the models’ hair was done by hair stylists from Hair Station 10 and their make-up was done by Bella by Leah.

“This was my first year participating in a show that I didn’t put together,” says Jones when asked about her past experiences. She notes that she plans to continue modeling and being in fashion shows and when she does so, she hopes to model for more than just one store. Everything Jones wore was from the Classy-N-Sassy Boutique located in The Old Firehouse Plaza.

Because Jones was at this fashion show, she was able to wear two different outfits. “I loved both outfits.” She says. “It’s funny, because when I first had the outfits I did think neither of them were really ‘my style’ but the more I wore them and when I actually got on the runway, I realized how much I loved both them! And now looking back at the pictures, I really love both of them!”

The Akita Advocates, one of the organizations that the expo supported, helps to find homes for displaced Akitas, which are a type of dogs. The Akita Advocates here in Arizona started in 2004. Since then, the organization has been able to help over 200 dogs to find a place to call home.

The Cookie Lee Jewelry, Prescott Hot Yoga, Hair Station 105, Bella by Leah, and many more businesses were located in the main exhibit hall where the fashion show was held. There were also crafts being held for little kids to do during the expo where they could decorate pumpkins for Halloween. All of the businesses that attended were all located right here in Prescott.

All in all, the fashion show and expo were a success! Not only was Jones able to show off the latest trends but small businesses were able to advertise themselves to the public. This expo is held every year so in case you missed it this year, you can always go to the one next year.