TCP Music Notes Newsletter: A Look at the Past, a Glance at the Future

2012 Tri-M Music Honor Society Members: Left to Right: (front row) Rachel Winters, Stephanie Worstein, Alexes Niekamp, Emma England, Kevin Andreasky, Amanda Romaine, Timothy DeLaveaga, Emily Smith, Amanda McGuire, Anna Flurry (back row) Mrs. Terauchi, Leah McGuire, Emily Andreasky, Ashley Nache, Kaela Eller, Brittany Walker, Matt Newell, Marissa Melchiors, Kyra Worden, Nathan Mitchell and Paige Skousen.

2012 Tri-M Music Honor Society Members: Left to Right: (front row) Rachel Winters, Stephanie Worstein, Alexes Niekamp, Emma England, Kevin Andreasky, Amanda Romaine, Timothy DeLaveaga, Emily Smith, Amanda McGuire, Anna Flurry (back row) Mrs. Terauchi, Leah McGuire, Emily Andreasky, Ashley Nache, Kaela Eller, Brittany Walker, Matt Newell, Marissa Melchiors, Kyra Worden, Nathan Mitchell and Paige Skousen.

TCP Fall Concert

By Anna Flurry

November 15th, 2012 marked the annual music program’s fall concert. Students had three months to prepare multiple pieces for each ensemble.

Choir began the concert with three pieces, accompanied by a variety of pianists. Beginning Strings followed, demonstrating the new skills they have learned, including pizzicato, arco, and spiccato. They, too, played a trio of pieces. Finally, Chamber Orchestra concluded the program with three pieces of their own, including an arrangement of John William’s music for Harry Potter.

Overall, the concert was satisfactory to parents, students, and teachers. It may also be noted that later this month, Chamber Orchestra has volunteered to perform for a retirement home, and in the spring, Choir, Beginning Strings, and Chamber Orchestra will again perform together for their Spring Concert.

Annual Tri-M Chili Cook-Off

By Rachel Winters

Winter is on it’s way and what better way to beat the cold than to warm up with a hot bowl or two of chili!  Yup, before you know it the annual Tri-M Chili Cook-Off will be here.  Music students bring a crockpot full of their family recipe hoping to

win the famous Silver Ladle Award.  It’s actually a stainless steel Oneida ladle, but it’s shiny and represents this year’s Winner.  You really want that ladle now don’t you?

The cook-off is held in the auditorium during lunch.  For only $2.50, students, staff, and guests are invited to sample all the incredible varieties of chili ranging from  the traditional beef to the more unique chicken, vegetarian and elk.  (In separate crockpots of course since chicken and elk wouldn’t be vegetarian now would they.)  When you find your favorite, give it your vote.

Funds raised through the Chili Cook-Off help support music activities such as Music Memory mentoring, music festivals, competitions and the purchase of new instruments and music.

Now go cook up a big pot of chili and start practicing for the Cook-Off!

Music & Math in Harmony for Kindness Week: Fall Food Drive and Benefit Concert

By Gus Longacre

Demands are up and donations are down in food banks across America. Thank you for helping Tri-M and Mu Alpha Theta celebrate National Kindness week by bringing in food or donations for the Yavapai Food Bank.

Last year's food drive

Last year’s food drive

Our food drive began on November 5th and continued until November 20th. According to the Yavapai Food Bank, they served 631 families in four days.  That is entire families, not just individuals!

During last fall’s food drive we were able to collect over 250 pounds of non-perishable food. During the fall concert, donations were collected and when it was all counted, we were able to give $300 to help our friends and neighbors through the Yavapai County Food Bank.  Thank you everyone for your generosity!

Flower Bulb Fundraiser: a Sweet-Smelling Success

 by Ethan Sajko

This September, the music students sold flower bulbs as a fundraiser. Supporters had a variety of choices to choose from, thanks to Dutch Mill flower bulbs. We collected over $700. This money helped the music department get some desperately needed bows and will also help choir attend the NAU Jazz and Madrigal festival in February. Thank you so much for all of your support!

Upcoming:  Trip to see “Beauty & the Beast” Musical

TCP students, parents and siblings are invited to attend “Beauty and the Beast” at ASU’s Gammage Auditorium on Thursday, April 11th 2013.  We will be leaving TCP at 3:30 pm on a 57-passenger chartered travel bus, stopping at Anthem Outlet Mall food court for dinner, then continuing on to Gammage.  The musical begins at 7:30 pm.  After the musical, we will board the bus and return to TCP at Beauty & The Beastapproximately midnight.  The cost is $25 and includes transportation and theater ticket.  Dinner is not included.In the past few years the TCP music students and their families have traveled to see other musicals such as “Les Miserables”, “The Lion King” and “Fiddler on the Roof”.

There are still a limited number of tickets available so purchase yours today!  If you have any questions, please see Mrs. Terauchi.

Come join us!

Music Memory Mentors Impact Elementary Students

By Anna Flurry

Every year, Tri-M honor students get the opportunity to visit local elementary classrooms to teach about classical music. A few months before the visits, TCP music students are assigned three to four composers and pieces to study and listen to. They then create lesson plans that pertain to the material and present them to elementary classrooms.

A few of last year's mentors

A few of last year’s mentors

Mrs. Terauchi drives the high school students to the various primary schools once a week for about a month to present the musical concepts. After this time, the elementary students get to attend a countywide classical concert performed by POPS Orchestra at Tim’s Toyota Center.

The Music Memory program offers a wonderful curriculum to elementary students who might not otherwise be exposed to classical music, and it also allows TCP students to practice their abundant leadership skills.

Here are a few interesting facts about our TCP Mentors:

  • This spring will be TCP’s 7th year helping with the Music Memory Program.
  • We have had 74 Tri-M students become Music Memory Mentors.
  • We use the Arizona State Standards for Music Education to help us create quality lesson plans.
  • We have mentored at 6 different schools.
  • We have mentored over 900 elementary students!

Student Perspective

By Emily Smith

Entering Tri-City Prep’s music program last year as a freshman was, in a word, challenging. I had no prior knowledge of music- I wasn’t able to read notes or define even the most basic terms. But as the year progressed, and as my cello went from “a large piece of wood that made sounds” to “an instrument”, I began to understand the commitment many choose to make to music. I became so enthusiastic that I joined Tri-M Music Honors Society, and thus became more involved in the music department. Unfortunately, this year, my schedule contained some conflicts, and I was unable to take chamber orchestra. However, as I remain involved in Tri-M, I am still able to connect with the music department, albeit not in an entirely musical manner. For this I am incredibly grateful, because without my membership I would not be able to take part in the well-run experience that is the music department.

2012 Regionals Great Success

Friday, November 16th was the registration deadline to audition for the 2013 Northwest Regional Honor Festival Band, Orchestra or Choir. The auditions will be held at Coconino High School on January 26th. Students who are accepted into the honor ensembles will travel to Flagstaff again on February 15th and 16th to participate in the festival.

Last year, TCP had four students in the Regional Orchestra.  Amanda Romaine (who graduated last May) and Stephanie Worstein (then a sophomore) returned as veteran musicians to this festival orchestra.  Joining them as newcomers were violinist Jake Levin and violist Anna Flurry (then juniors).  The festival was held at Kingman High School in Kingman, Arizona, from February 16th through the 18th.

The festival began Thursday evening with seating auditions and rehearsals.  The

2012 Regional participants from left to right: Jake Levin, Anna Flurry, Stephanie Worstein, Amanda Romaine

2012 Regional participants from left to right: Jake Levin, Anna Flurry, Stephanie Worstein, Amanda Romaine

musicians worked into the night with rehearsals ending at 9:00pm.  The festival consisted of three days of intense rehearsals beginning at 7:30 in the morning and culminated Saturday afternoon with an excellent performance for a packed audience.

This year’s orchestra clinician was David Cripps, a British-born conductor and musician who was the principal horn player for the London Symphony Orchestra for over ten years.  During this time he played under the direction of John Williams as the London Symphony Orchestra recorded the original “Star Wars” and “Superman” movie soundtracks.

The Regional Orchestra performed music from the opera “Carmen”, “Dance of the Tumblers from Snow Maiden” and selections from “Star Wars”. What an experience!

The Director’s Corner…

It never ceases to amaze me how quickly the school year flies by.  It seems like only a few weeks have passed, not several months.  (Perhaps it’s because I have the privilege of spending my days teaching music to the best,  brightest and kindest students in the area.)  While I know that many of my students do not plan on pursuing music as a career, I feel a strong obligation to give them the best music education possible.  Many of my students from years past are now active in their chosen careers as doctors, business owners, lawyers, managers, journalists, and yes, even a few ended up as teachers.  Several of them are working outside the United States but all of them have found that their strong background in music gives them something in common with everyone they meet.  There are few places in the world where music is not part of a society or culture.  Even far away from home, these amazing young adults can create new friendships and bonds with people from around the world.

With the struggling economy and budget shortfalls from the White House to our own houses, the arts are being put on the chopping block throughout the nation.  Through its past and current financially responsible decisions and stewardship (including having all buildings paid off and no debt), TCP is able to maintain its fine arts programs.  (In the not-too distant-past many people thought such caution and thriftiness were ridiculous!)  Please take a moment in the next few weeks to show your support for our administration & school board and join me in thanking them for ensuring an excellent and well-rounded education for our students.


Kristi Terauchi

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