New Tablets Announced for TCP Students

Microsoft surface

By Anna Flurry

December 20th, 2012 marks an exciting day in Tri-City Prep history. During the last school period before Winter Break, after a rousing College Bowl (which the seniors won), Mrs. Milliken asked Terri and Rick Rashid to address the student body with a special announcement.The couple proceeded to reveal that starting next semester, select students will have the unique opportunity to use newly released Windows “Surface” tablets, which the Rashid’s will be donating to the school. The following 2013-14 school year, providing all goes well, the tablets will be distributed to the entire student body.

“I’m just really grateful that there are people in our community who want to do that for us,” says Nathaniel Trujillo, sophomore.

Already teachers are making plans for the tablets. Mr. Ezra Kaplan, science teacher, says that he hopes to use the devices to assign homework and record lectures for students, among other possibilities.

“These tablets provide a huge opportunity for the progression of Tri-City Prep,” says Kaplan. “In a society where technology is progressing at a faster rate than ever before in history, it is imperative that we as a school do our best to keep pace. This spectacular donation from the Rashid’s will provide a new educational tool that will allow the students of TCP to maintain their reputation of staying ahead of the curve.”

The incredibly generous donation from the Rashid family will no doubt make an enormous impact on TCP culture and education. More information for parents and students about how the tablets are to be used will be posted at a later date.