A Very Hairy Musical in Production

By Natalie Krafft

Dr. Halvorson and Mrs. Terauchi are working together to instigate a musical created by the students of Tri-City Prep. This production will be a version of Rapunzel in the 1960’s. On Wednesday, January 9, 2013 Dr. Halvorson held a meeting to discuss what to do about the story of Rapunzel. The musical will include songs such as “Hair”,” Stand by Me”, “Doo Wah Diddy”, and “Unchained Melody”.

“I want to see students having the opportunity to participate in a school play. I want the family and community to have fun,” said Dr. Halvorson when asked about what she envisioned for this play. “It’s combining art, drama, music and people’s creativity. And to do an activity like that will always be a memory to a student.”

When asked about why she chose 1960’s music over any other genre, Halvorson replied with, “’Rapunzel’s hair. And hair was a big thing in the 60’s. Plus, the music is fun.” Why was Rapunzel chosen out of all the other princesses to do a musical about? “Rapunzel has already been done by Disney and Cinderella is too worn out. At the same time, I didn’t want it to be something that no one knew about. Enough has been done about Rapunzel that people understand the story,” replied Halvorson. “It’s not too familiar and used to the point where there no room for students to use their creativity.” Obviously, the big emphasis of doing this musical is to put students creativity to use to create something that’s fun for all ages.

Nick Magdaleno, Matt Newell, Natalie Krafft, Taylor Whittemore, Katlin Igel, and Janie Branson are each writing their own scene. On February 19th, the students will have to have their script done so that way on the weekend of the 23rd, they, along with Dr. Halvorson, can edit each script so it all flows and makes sense. Afterwards, the auditioning for the roles of the narrator, mother, father, Rapunzel, Wicked Sheriff (instead of wicked witch) along with his wife, and the person who rescues Rapunzel shall commence.

I was able to get an interview with Taylor Whittemore about her thoughts on the musical. When asked about whether she was excited about doing this she said “Yes, I am excited. I think this is a fantastic opportunity and I just simply enjoy writing scripts.”

“I’ve written scripts for several different projects, mostly personal,” said Whittemore when she was asked if she’s had any experience writing scripts. “However, I have never written a script with other people so this will be rather interesting,” she added.

Every project anyone undergoes is bound to have problems. So what does Whittemore think will be the challenges in this project? “I think the biggest challenge will be coordinating all five parts of the script. I think there also may be some inconsistency in the characters before editing because each writer views the characters very differently. Also, all five writers all have very different styles, vocabulary, word choice, and voice, so I think that may cause the different scenes to have a different sound.” Well, with any amount of hard work, these challenges can be met and conquered.

Now, this is the very first time that Tri-City has ever done something like this, so Dr. Halvorson is very excited for this. It’s creativity being put into the arts.

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