Art Honors Society California Trip

By Kelcie Kruse

While many Americans were sitting down with a bowl of dip for the Super Bowl on February 3rd, the Art Honors Society students were in California on a culturally diverse and educational trip.

Students Grant DeYoung, Josh Hogan, Kelcie Kruse, Leah McMillan, and Jordan Golen drove to California after school Thursday Jan. 31st with Mr. and Mrs. Terauchi. Thanks goes to Mrs. Terauchi’s Aunt Mary for letting the group stay in her home.

The next day started bright and early for a drive to LACMA, an art museum in L.A. The art wasn’t the only amazing spectacle, however. Many of the students had never eaten at a food truck before, so lunch was on L.A with some Vietnamese sandwiches.

The students were also able to touch a forty foot segment of the Berlin wall. The day finished with some splendid lights and interesting food at an authentic Korean Grill.

The next morning started at the beach and concluded with Huntington Library. Lunch that day was at a Japanese market with plenty of Onigiri to go around. The students spent the final evening relaxing in the pool, ready for an early start home the next morning.

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