Poetry Out Loud: A Recap

By Kelcie Kruse

Third hour of January 31st, nine brave contestants competed in Poetry Out Loud, a recitation competition. In its fourth year, this is the first year that it has been student organized, thanks to NEHS.

“It’s exciting having the competition be student run this year,” says Emi Moore, head of Poetry Out Loud this year. “It gives the students opportunities to learn things that they will need to know later in life.”

The first to perform was Bryanna Allen with Invictus. Following her was Josh Barry with Fire and Ice. Return performer Grant DeYoung didn’t grace the student body with Jabberwocky, but The Universe as Primal Screams. Following DeYoung was Alex DuBroy, who recited The New Decalogue. Evie Dunn then performed Ode. Sean Holmes also performed Fire and Ice.

Adriana Hurtado, who placed fourth at state last year, won the competition with The Cities Inside Us. Natalie Krafft followed her with The Arrow and The Song. The second place winner, “Gus” Longacre performed Love Song.

The competition finished with another of Cason Murphy’s epic performances, written by Shel Silverstein, The Perfect High.

Hurtado will go to regionals with Longacre, giving Hurtado another shot at state and Longacre a chance to test her skill.

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