Valentine’s Day on a Budget

By Evie Dunn

Valentine’s Day is a holiday about celebrating with your special someone. But surviving it on a high school budget can be tough, so below are 10 tips on how to keep both your valentine and your wallet happy, while still maintaining the creativity your valentine loves about you.

1.     Balloon Bouquet

Buy some red and pink balloons and small chocolates, and write your valentine a small note. Before you blow up the balloons, fill them up with these items, and put your love letter in the biggest one. After you blow the balloons up, tie them with pink and red ribbon and surprise your valentine with this beautiful bouquet.

2.     Lovely Coupons

Create realistic hand-made coupons for things like a free massage or a free kiss at midnight to shower your valentine with.

3.     A Scrapping Good Time

Grab a scrap book from a local store and gather your favorite pictures and small sentimental items. Assemble these in a scrapbook and wrap this for a valentine surprise.

4.     Raining Love

Buy some red and pink construction paper and cut out as many hearts as you would like. Decorate each heart with stories from your past or cute sayings and tie them to ribbon to tape to the ceiling. When your valentine sees this you’ll be irresistible.

5.     Chocolate love

Dip your date’s favorite foods in melted chocolate and arrange them on a tray in the shape of a heart. Surprise them with it at dinner and share this delicious treat!

6.     Movie Memories

Buy a small meaningful gift for your date and take him or her to the movies. When a romantic scene comes around, surprise them with this gift to create a moment straight out of a movie.

7.     I Choose You!

Get a poke ball, and put a small slip of paper inside that says “I choose you”. Present your date with this adorable gift and feel the love.

8.     Starry Night

Prepare by buying a ring from a 50-cent machine, and take your date to their favorite fast-food joint at night. Eat on top of your car and stargaze, and when your date is distracted by their food, surprise them with the gift.

9.     Bottle it Up

Create your own “message in a bottle” by buying a bottle or using an old coke bottle, and write your valentine a love note. Put the message in the bottle and decorate it. Make them a nice homemade meal and use the bottle as the centerpiece on the table.

10.  Sweet Cherry Pie

Take your date to a nice dessert place or coffee shop. Bring some of your own candles to light the table with and share your favorite desert.

Happy Valentine’s Day! We hope these tips will help give you some ideas about wooing your valentine, without completely starving your wallet.