Creative Dating Tips for High Schoolers

By Evie Dunn

With high-school relationships, it’s easy to get bored and overwhelmed by work, school, and relationships. Finding something to do with your partner might seem impossible—especially in Prescott. Below are ten tips about how to stay entertained when you’re in a relationship, and maybe even strengthen the bond while you’re at it.

  1. Starbucks Shakespeare  

Take your date out to Starbucks (or your favorite local coffee shop) and bring a pen and paper. After you’ve ordered your drinks, sit down and write either poetry or things you might not know about each other on paper. When you’re finished, show your partner and learn more about each other during this in-depth date. 

  1. Familiar Tourism  

If you want to do something a little more lighthearted, take your date downtown, and park in the first parking spot you see. Walk around your town and visit the most discreet diners, and the most hidden places you can find. Play tourist and visit as many places as you can (Cheesy pictures included). After it gets dark, find a place to eat after your long day of walking that’s outdoors (I recommend El Gato Azul or The Raven) and stargaze while eating a nice meal.

  1. Volunteer 

Volunteering is one of the best ways to bond with somebody. Giving to others or lending a helping hand leave everybody in a good mood. Plus, it gives you something to talk about. Check out the Prescott Events calendar ( or check out the newspaper to find any volunteering opportunities.

  1. Class-tastic 

Taking a class is another great way to spend time with your partner without getting bored. Sign up for a martial arts class or a cooking class to give you an excuse do something besides go to the movies.

  1. Sundae-Dinner 

Dress your sundae best on any day! Buy anything and everything you can find (you can go to the dollar store if you don’t have much money) to put on top of ice cream and surprise your date when they come over with an at-home Yogartz experience. Pair this with a movie or your favorite TV show and you’ve got a pretty sweet date!

  1. A Splashing Good Time 

Take your date to a local pool and have some fun splashing each other. After you’ve finished determining who’s better at Marco-Polo, take your date out to lunch for a fun way to spend a hot day.

  1. Sing the C-A-M-P-F-I-R-E-S-O-N-G Song 

Build a fort in your living room and prepare the makings for s’mores. Rent a bunch of movies to have an all-night campout, or simply tell stories by candlelight. Your date won’t forget this beautiful way to spend the night.

  1. Batty Fun 

Take your date to Full-Swing Sports Center for something fun to do. If sports just aren’t your thing, head over to Peter Piper Pizza and enjoy feeling like a kid again and beating your partner at air-hockey.

  1. #YOLO 

Get together with your partner and create a bucket list. When you’re done, go cross one off!

  1. King of the World 

After you’ve prepared a picnic basket, take your partner out and hike Thumb Butte (or the Lookout Point). When you get to the top, have a picnic. Your partner will feel like they’re on top of the world.

Creative dates are hard to think of, and sometimes finding something to do seems impossible. With a little thought and a lot of simplicity, you could give your partner a date they’ll never forget.