Great Gaming at Discounted Prices

By Brandon Gabaldon

Have you ever wondered what games are inexpensive but still fun and enjoyable? Don’t have enough money to buy the latest and “greatest” games? Not a problem! There are several games that have great gameplay and replay value despite being cheap. Now yes, some of these games may have been expensive at a time, but others have always been on the budget list. For instance, Crackdown and Crackdown 2 hit the $20 mark within a month of their release. However, even though poor reviews landed these games at the bottom of the charts, that doesn’t dampen the excitement you feel throwing a car or leaping over a building. Yes, the ridiculous physics engine that Crackdown 1 and 2 ran on was partially the reason these games are currently $8.

Bioshock and Bioshock 2 were $60 once upon a time, but have now degraded to the $15-20 range. If you missed the opportunity to play these games when they were brand new and high priced, pick them up now and enjoy these classic hits for cheap. Dead Island, Prototype, Gears of War 1 and 2, and the Elder Scrolls series are all games that have hit the bargain bin and can be bought for $20 or less. 

When you’re rifling through the clearance and bargain bins of GameStop, remember that if a new game is $8, there’s most likely a reason. Just because a game is cheap doesn’t necessarily mean you should buy it. $8 is still only $8. A good example of a bad, cheap game is Duke Nukeum: Forever. Bad gameplay and levels filled with potty humor landed this train wreck on the bottom of the charts and the bottom of the bin within a week of release.

Many great games are just simply not worth the $60 price tag, and sometimes it’s just better to wait until those games move into your price range. Being a budget gamer isn’t a bad title to own, and it can just mean that you’re smart with your money, and you don’t believe in the obligatory $60 price tag just because a game is new.

So, next time you have $20 in your pocket, skip the thrift shopping and go to your nearest game store to buy some great games at a great price.

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