High-Spirited Senior Auction

By Kelcie Kruse

As expected, this year’s auctioning off of seniors for the Spring Fling was a great hit among the student body and teachers. The show was run by Ashley Nache and Emily Pilgrim, the lovely leaders of the town. The bidding was enthusiastic and the senior class made over $1,000.

Isabella Ballard and Natalia Esaulova posed as fast food workers, offering blizzards and burgers to their purchaser.

Danielle Barger was the town’s housewife, with cookies and pies.

Keoni Bermoy was the criminal, donning an orange jumpsuit and some flashy aluminum.

Katie Bucklein and Mary Hargrove were the paparazzi of the show, offering some movie goodies.

Ryan Deckard was a lumberjack with doughnuts, with a hatchet at his side.

Shailin Crary was a Zumba Instructor, demonstrating her vivacious dance moves for the crowd.

Aaron Stroud was a military man, in uniform I might add.

Anna Flurry was the town hippie with flower power and the homemade bread to prove it.

Jake Levin and Brandon Mead were business men in classy suites.

Max Vankirk and Matthew Newell were bribing for bids with some bottled root bear.

Mrs. Winters offered a home cooked lunch for the five students who purchased her, selling for over $100.

Trent Thompson and Grant Morgan guised as religious leaders in long black and tan flowing robes.

Michael Spahn was the rancher of the town, cowboy hat and all.

Keri Prince and Jennifer Erickson were the police in this town, and they had the badges to prove it.

Sebastian Trejo, in all his top hat glory and dapper suit, was bought by none other than his friend Grant DeYoung, who was in fact seen sharing a dance with Trejo at Spring Fling last Thursday.

Blair Willette’s logo was “I’m hot, this is cheesy, enjoy your hot and cheesy pizza,” for her role as a pizza delivery girl.

Rachel Winters was a teacher (math of course) and held an apple out for her purchaser.

Carl Zapfe was a physician of sorts, donning the some scrubs for the occasion.

Pilgrim was the auctioned off as Mayor, leading everyone to believe the assembly had finished.

However, Mrs. Milliken came up on stage and the auctioneers just couldn’t pass that up. She was sold in exchange for some of her husband’s baking.

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