National Honor Society Induction 2013

By Kelcie Kruse

This year’s fourteen NHS inductees attended their special night March 20th, led by an exuberant Ms. Mezeske and Blair Willette, the supervisor and president of the society. Credit for the setup and execution of the evening goes to the NHS members, who had been preparing for the ceremony and were in attendance to greet the new members.

Ms. Mezeske opened the ceremony, passing it on to Dr. Halvorson for her speech. In it, she emphasized the traits and qualities looked for in members of this society, such as integrity. Her stories and applications were interesting for even the younger children in attendance.

The members of the board of NHS then read the history of the society and performed the candle lighting ceremony, with the help of a Zippo. Blair Willette, Ian Glow, Cheyenne Jasper, and Sabrina Flick, the leadership of NHS told the inductees of the qualities of the society: scholarship, service, leadership, and character.

The new members were inducted at that time. They are as follows: Emily Andreasky, Naomi Harshman, Leah McGuire, Hunter Middleton, Ashley Santillan, Emily Smith, Kelly Stoddard, Levi Sylvester, Cody Tegtman, Patrick Welborn, Taylor Whittemore, Stephanie Worstein, and Isabella Ballard.

The ceremony finished with the farewell to the graduating members by Ms. Mezeske. Keoni Bermoy, Sarah Cramer, Shailin Crary, Grant DeYoung, Ian Glow, Catie Hoekstra, Cheyenne Jasper, Jacob Levin, Grant Morgan, Matthew Newell, Trent Thompson, Blair Willette, and Rachel Winters will leave behind a legacy of a great society to the inductees and current members.

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