Emily Moore’s Leadership Recognized

Image from dcourier.comBy Evie Dunn

Every year around Yavapai County, Leader of the Year is chosen from the most driven and talented people in the community, people who are willing to go to great lengths to improve their community. This year, Prescott Area Leadership chose none other than Tri-City’s own Emily Moore to be their Female Youth Leader of the Year.

“It’s really nice to be recognized for something I’ve done,” said Moore after being asked how she felt about her award. Moore received a $1,000 general scholarship after being recognized for numerous community activities, including being a volunteer martial-arts instructor during her first years in high school. Moore was also recognized for her achievements at Tri-City, and while Honor’s English Sophomore Student of the Year and Art history Student of the Year are worth noting, perhaps one of her biggest accomplishments was putting together Try-City’s Poetry Out Loud contest alongside Mr. Burgess.

“Putting together Poetry Out Loud was definitely a big deal,” said Mrs. Milliken, proud of her Moore’s recognition. “She came to me with the idea and I told her to run with it, and she set up the entire event.”

The competition was a very emotional experience, too. “It was definitely a nail-biter,” Milliken added. “I was so proud, and I started to cry. She’s been such a wonderful student and to see other people recognize her is really great.”

Moore definitely deserves a round of applause for the award, and this is just the beginning of the many great things she’s capable of accomplishing and the success she’s bound to have in the future.

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