April Trip to Beauty and the Beast

On April 11th, the music students of Tri-City prep went down to the Gammage Theater in Tempe to see Beauty and the Beast. They boarded the bus at 3:30, saw the show at 7:00 and got back home at 12:30 in the morning. To say those students had a long day would be an understatement. However, it was worth it.

The first students who were able to buy their $25 tickets were the music students themselves and once they did, the other Tri-City students and a couple families were able to buy tickets. In total, fifty-seven people came to see this masterpiece.

When Bryanna Allen was asked if she like the play she said: “Yes. I definitely liked the actors and scenery in the play.”

“It would be probably when Chip came out as a boy,” said Loryn Winski when asked what her favorite part was.

“It was scary as heck since we were up on the balcony!” said Allen when asked what she thought of where they went to go see the play. “However, it was amazing and we had a great view of the stage!”

All of the students who went got to sit up in the balcony nearly above the stage. Although it was a little nerve wracking to walk on, no one was harmed and everyone enjoyed the show.

“It was a great show and the directors made the characters seem more alive than in the movie.” Allen also added: “Yeah, my little sister would love it and so would my parents.”

Not only did individual students get to go but also a couple families went. And if you’re not sure whether you’d like to go next year if you’re really not into plays, don’t worry.

“Anyone can go,” said Allen. “Theater is very entertaining and Disney plays are always classics.”

The only hang-ups in the trip were when the bus had to pull over to weigh all the passengers about ten minutes into the voyage, presumably to make sure it was not over its weight limit. Additionally, at the end of the concert, the well-dressed students all piled into their bus – only to realize they were on the wrong one!

When asked what Winski would change she said: “Not getting weighed on the bus. We had to wait for like thirty minutes. And we could’ve also gotten on the right bus the first time.”

All in all, however, the Beauty and the Beast was a success for not only the performers but for Tri-City’s students as well.


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