The 2013 Spring Academic Marathon

By Dr. Halvorson

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As you do each year, students are running the annual academic marathon and today the end is in sight.  For some this year’s marathon will be your last high school marathon.  Others will run the high school marathon again next year. Maybe this year you are in a position to finish the year with your personal best statistics. Others have had a difficult year and just finishing will be a personal accomplishment. Either way, if you were coaching students you would tell them to not give up so close to the end.

I am encouraging you look at this spring semester as a race.  The end of the race is not the time to give up.  It is the time to give it your all, find your second wind and put forth your best effort so that you can finish with your best statistics ever.

Two of the hurdles you have to overcome are spring fever and senioritis. To help with spring fever try getting plenty of spring activities during out-of-school time. Get outdoors, wear spring clothing, exercise, become involved in sports activities, photography, hiking, biking and go on picnics. Some of these spring activities can be done at school, but others need to be done off campus.  There are 168 hours in a week and TCP students are asked to be in school about 30 of those hours.  For example, you have plenty of out-of-school time to wear cooler spring clothing.  You are only asked to follow dress code for 30 hours per week.

For senioritis I suggest you think about graduation, college and your future. Visualize TCP graduation ceremonies and picture yourself there.  Picture your parents, family and friends sitting in the audience and your name being called as you walk across the stage and everyone cheers for you. Picture tears of pride in the eyes of different staff members as they hug and congratulate you. Remember you want that and you deserve it.

With less than 15 days to go, you can make it.  I challenge you to give it your all. Don’t look for shortcuts or ways to get out of school responsibilities; attend graduation even if you are not a senior. Be a model student and don’t challenge the student handbook or push the envelope. It will build your self-esteem to know you have done well and I, along with other staff members, will be proud of you.