An Enchanted Night: Prom 2013

Photo Credit Michael MillikenBy Anna Flurry

At the risk of sounding cliché, Tri-City Prep’s Prom of 2013 was a night to remember. Dresses were bought, tuxes were rented, songs were requested, and dates were asked, but to many of us, the last dance of the year was about a lot more than that.

On April 26th, the junior class presented their masterpiece, the “Enchanted Forest” prom, at the Prescott Lakes Clubhouse. Pictures started at 5:30 pm and prom itself lasted until 10:30 pm.

“Prom was so fun!” said Rachel Winters, senior. “Everything was beautiful! Thank you, juniors!”

Traditionally, the junior class is in charge of raising funds for and organizing prom every year. The Junior Prom Committee had to reserve the venue, decide on a theme, make the decorations (including the royal crowns), set up the photography area, and compile the music for the dance.

“Prom exceeded all my expectations,” said Paige Skousen, junior, who helped organize the event. “I’m so happy and relieved that everyone had so much fun!”

The evening began with a buffet dinner. The chefs prepared a full spread, including meats, pastas, cheeses, salads, and a variety of other delectable courses. Dessert itself was almost another meal. Chocolate cake, lemon tarts, brownies, fresh fruit, mousse, and cupcakes were but a small portion of what was offered.

After the students were satiated, the music began. The playlist was a delightful mix of modern popular dance music and tried and true oldies. For perhaps one of the few times in TCP dance history, no one complained about the music.

“My favorite part of the planning was putting the playlist together,” said Skousen.

Around the middle of the evening, prom royalty was announced. Timmy Holbrook and Sydney Keller, juniors, won Prince and Princess. Keoni Bermoy and Blair Willette, seniors, won King and Queen. All four were radiant.

Photo Credit Michael Milliken

The upperclassmen were pleased with prom, especially Grant DeYoung

Indeed, what truly made prom special were the people.

“Prom was amazing!” said Jake Levin, senior. “But it wasn’t the food or the attire or even the venue. It was the friends that made it so special.”

One of the beautiful things about Tri-City is its student interaction, and this especially shone at this dance. Students were not shy about breaking out of their usual group of friends and dancing with people they might not have know as well. We may have worked hard during the week, but TCP students knew how to have a good time at prom.

“My favorite part of prom was seeing how happy everyone was with all the hard work we put into it,” said Skousen. “It was extremely rewarding.”

“I don’t think I could’ve asked for a better senior prom!” said Levin.

At the very end of the evening, Levi Sylvester, junior, took the microphone and announced to the attendees that the last song was “dedicated to the seniors.”

As the opening chords of Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin’” filled the room, all the graduating seniors joined hands in a circle. Some of us had voices raw from shouting and laughing. Some of us sang out of tune. Some of us didn’t know all the words, but we sang out anyway. And to us, it was a beautiful sound.

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