Music Made for Spring

By Natalie Krafft

This year’s spring concert was truly astounding with Dark Eyed Sailor, James Bond theme, and Beauty and the Beast being performed by the music students of Tri-City Prep. Not only were the music students involved, but the art students also displayed their works in an art show and helped with the backdrops, both with a theme from Beauty and the Beast, to the concert. One backdrop was of a field with a fence and the other was the popular scene of the stained glass hand holding the enchanted rose.  Students performing arrived at 6:15 and the show began at seven.  

“We pretty much sang to get ready,” said Loryn Winski when asked what her class did to get ready for the concert. Winski is a member of the choir.

“I really liked singing Artza Alinu,” said Winski when she was asked what her favorite part of the concert was. Choir sang three songs in total.

The Beginning Strings began the show, followed by the Choir, and ending with Chamber Orchestra playing James Bond. As a finishing touch to this semester, all the music students came back together and did a medley of five songs from Beauty and the Beast. Ivy Andresen, Ashley Eddols, Matt Newell, Miles Maybey and Trenton Thompson were all people who had solos in this piece.

When Bryanna Allen asked what she liked best about the concert she said, “I liked how everyone was doing a great job performing their music and having fun with it.”

Was there anything wrong with it? “Nothing! It was fun but a bigger venue would be nice because we were really crowded up there,” Allen said. Unfortunately, Allen won’t be in Choir next year to help with another stellar performance by the music department.

Not only were people performing music but the winner of the Chili Cook-Off, Paige Skousen, was recognized. Mr. and Mrs. Flurry were also recognized for their speech at the Tri-M induction ceremony, along with Kim Krafft who was recognized for helping out the Beginning Strings class.

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