Academic Awards Inspire and Appreciate Students

 By Evie Dunn

On May 9th, 2013, Tri-City Prep awarded excelling students and appreciated them for all they do at the school. We congratulate and thank all the TCP students for all they do! The winners for each category are as follows:

Arts/Foreign Language Department:

Natalie Krafft – Beginning Strings
Anna Flurry and Gus Longacre – Chamber Orchestra
Rachel Winters and Ashley Nache – Choir
Jake Levin – Honor Chamber Ensemble
Hannah Sherwood – College Spanish
Jason Connally – Japanese
Emily Smith – Courtroom Drama
Grant Morgan – Film Studies
Jason Connally and Josh Hogan – Art
Anna Flurry – Department Award

Math and Science Departments:

Eva Frohna, Allegra Bodine, Quana Hoffiz, Michael Todd and Megan Welborn – Biology
Hannah Sherwood – Anatomy
Emily Moore – Physics
Shelbyrae Myers and Ammon Warden – Algebra 1
Keldy Mason and Ethan Sajko – Geometry
Charlie Hargrove and Erin Pflueger – Algebra 2
Hannah Sherwood – Pre Calculus
Naomi Harshman and Kyle Oppenheim – College Math/Pre-Calculus
Rachel Winters – Math Honors
Max Vankirk – Department Award


Gus Longacre and Megan Welborn – Freshman English
Emma Kidrick and Ian Martin – Sophomore English
Morgan White – Junior English
Grant Morgan – Modern Lit
Emily Moore – College English
Brent Sherwood – World History/Geography
Hyram Yarbro – US History
Hannah Sherwood – AP US History
Naomi Harshman – Business
Ashley Eddols – Department Award

Other Awards:

Keoni Bermoy – Student Council/ PAL
Keoni Bermoy and Keri Prince – Panther Pride
Congratulations to:
Sarah Cramer – Salutatorian
Ian Glow – Valedictorian

A huge round of applause to all of the award winners. Tri-City looks forward to the many accomplishments students have to offer for the upcoming years, and thanks all of the students for their continual and inspiring hard work.

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