Say Cheese!

By Tiffany Whittemore

Retakes for school pictures are coming up on October 2nd, 2013. Most people can recall back to picture day memories, whether it was because of the food in your teeth, the stain on your shirt, or the sudden urge to sneeze just as the camera snaps. Most everyone has gotten to the point where they dread the next picture to show up in the yearbook. Instead of being scared, be excited! Here are some pointers on how to make this picture day the best one yet.

First of all, have an outfit previously prepared! Don’t simply pull the first T-shirt you see out of your closet. Also, try to avoid tops with writing and crazy patterns. You would never want anything to take away from your face. Make sure you have your hair style preplanned, as well as your make up if you choose to do so.

Practice! As weird as it may sound, rehearse your smile in front of a mirror at home. Try to remember a time that truly made you happy so you can nail a smile that isn’t forced.

Get a good night’s rest. This will make for a much better smile and ensure that there are no dark circles under your eyes.

Once you are called for your turn, remember to relax! Nobody wants to look obviously stiff. Show off that smile you practiced at home and don’t second guess yourself last minute.

Following these few steps will guide you to having the best picture day yet!

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