Rowing to Victory

By Chris Trefts

 On Saturday, October the 12th, Charlie Hargrove and Jacob Holevar went down to Tempe, Arizona for a rowing competition at Tempe Town Lake. The competition had a total of 200 people entering, and Hargrove and Holevar entered the contest in a double boat together. They tried their best and faced off against the best from schools all around Arizona. In the end, they got fourth place with a time of nineteen minutes and thirty-seven seconds in a five thousand meter race, which is Tri-city Prep’s record for best time in a double race.

Hargrove said that the water was not choppy at all, so it was smooth rowing. He also said it was “unlike most times when we practice at Lake Watson, [because] there was little wind to slow us down.” The temperature was a nice eighty degrees, so the guys were comfortable while rowing. Hargrove also added, “it was a great experience and great rowing.”

The Tri-City Prep rowing team currently consists of nineteen members. They work after every school day to the best of their abilities. Practices take place at the school on Mondays and Wednesdays and at Watson Lake on Tuesdays and Thursday. Right now, they are preparing to go to Long Beach, California for the Christmas Regatta.