Cross Country Meet at Southwestern Academy

By Amanda Bertsch

Tri-City Prep’s cross country team ran a meet at Southwestern Academy on Monday, October 21st. Although only one runner from Tri-City placed in the top five, the team ran a great race.

First in from Tri-City was Hyram Yarbro. He placed 9th with a time of 19:59 (19 minutes 59 seconds). On his heels was Nathanial Trujillo, closing out the top ten with a time of 20:07.

Following less than a minute behind was Markus Weinzinger. Weinzinger scored 13th with a time of 21:03. At 22:22, Josh Eddolls took 17th. Ian Martin came in 24th at 24:20.

The two girls running for TCP came in right after. Amanda Bertsch finished 5th among the girls with a time of 24:48. Lexi Lucas was 6th with a time of 25:32.

Soon after, Brandon Duron finished 26th with a time of 27:38.

The meet almost ended in tragedy when two runners from a different school suffered asthma attacks. One was able to finish, but the other had to be driven in. Both received inhalers and are expected to make a full recovery.

The TCP team kept spirits high, telling jokes and assigning each member a nickname before the race. The team scored second overall. Although they were expecting the first place ribbon the team had been awarded for two consecutive meets, they nevertheless were pleased with the results. The team returned to Tri-City at about 7:00, tired, happy, and victorious.