TCP’s Cross Country Meet a Great Success

By Amanda Bertsch

On Monday, October 14, cross country hosted a meet. The run took place after school, behind the archery field. The team ran a great race, and almost everyone was pleased with the outcome.

First in from TCP was Hyram Yarbro. Hyram took 5th place with a time of 18 minutes, 42 seconds for slightly under three miles. Right behind him was Markus Weinzinger in 6th with a time of 19:23 (19 minutes, 23 seconds). In 9th place was Nathaniel Trujillo. His time was 20:02. Josh Eddolls closed out the top 10 with a time of 20:23.

The 4th girl in and 17th overall was Amanda Bertsch, and she came in with a time of 22:22.

Only a few seconds behind, Brandon Duron scored 16th place with a time of 22:40. Ian Martin finished with a time of 23:54, making him 18th.

All the runners did their best. However, some were disappointed with their placement. “This is probably about the worst I’ve ever done,” Martin said.

Other runners took a different outlook. “That’s [not doing well] one of the disadvantages of running when you’re sick,” Josh Eddolls said after the race.

Tri-City, illnesses and bad days aside, scored first among the teams. This is the second race this season they have held this title, out of only three races total. The run was exciting and full of action as TCP’ runners continually passed their competitors. Overall, the team seemed pleased by the results, with good reason.