Cross Country Finishes Strong

By Amanda Bertsch

Tri-City Prep’s cross country team ran the last meet of the season on Wednesday, October 30th. Due to scheduling conflicts, the only other team attending was Canyon View. The runners tried hard and were rewarded with a first place team score. They also took home four individual ribbons.

The first runner in was from Canyon View. However, Hyram Yarbro followed close behind, placing second with a time of 18:01. Nathanial Trujillo was on his heels, finishing at 18:06. Trujillo placed third. Because there were only sixteen runners, ribbons were only awarded to the top three of each gender.

At 18 minutes 53 seconds, Markus Weinzinger finished fourth. Josh Eddolls was sixth, coming in at 20:05. 21:08 was Brandon Duron’s time, giving him a position of eighth. Ian Martin took ninth with a time of 22:30.

Amanda Bertsch placed first among the girls, finishing at 22:45. Lexi Lucas was second. Lucas finished not far behind with a time of 24:03. Both beat Canyon View’s sole female runner by more than two minutes.

The meet had a festive, lighthearted air. The coaches jokingly bribed their runners (“If you pass those two guys, I’ll give you ice cream”) and made sure every runner was cheered on, whether they were first or last. The teams laughed as the coaches mixed up the girls’ ribbons, swapping them between the three several times. Both teams had a great time, and the runners left the meet ready to prepare for the next season, which is fall of 2014.