A Chat with Dr. Halvorson: The Future of the School and Its Students

By Devon Bonelli

PRESCOTT, AZ- On Tuesday, October 22, 2013, Dr. Halverson conducted a meeting in which she discussed a wide range of topic such as future plans for the school and some helpful tips for students.

Dr. Halvorson expressed happiness with the school’s size. After speaking with the faculty, she found that there is no need to expand further. However, Dr. Halverson did show interest in starting a 5-8 middle school, if the right person can be found.

With technology, Dr. Halverson thinks that the tablets are a big plus. She said it would be nice to have the option to take online classes over the summer or for supplemental material, but that may not be possible due to state restrictions.

For athletics, she said that Mrs. Winters has her hands full with the ten different sports offered at Tri-City Prep. Further sports may be difficult to implement while making sure Mrs. Winters can actually go home after school.

In the humanities, Dr. Halverson believes we are making great strides. With the orchestra of 41 almost doubling in size from last year’s 22, she is considering a larger music room. She also wants to implement new facilities for drama. The only problem is where to find room for all these things!

When asked how to prevent Senioritis, she said: “If your high school career is a race, you don’t slow down at the end! The finish line is graduation, so stay strong!”

For freshmen, she has this piece of advice: “While the challenges may seem hard, it will get easier. You will be prepared for college with this school.”

Anyone can catch Dr. Halverson in her office in the back of the administration building. Just go in the office, through the swinging door, and knock on the faculty lunch room. Her room is all the way in the back, and she’s always happy to talk to students.