Can Our Own Bodies be the Key to Curing Cancer?

By Virginia Riley

On November 10, 2013, groundbreaking news in the fight against cancer was released. Northwest Biotherapeutics, which is in Bethesda, Maryland, created the vaccine. They are calling the vaccine Dc-Vax, and it is made from the cancer itself.

What the doctors do is surgically remove the tumor that is effecting them before sending the tumor to pathology to remove white blood cells from the patient. After that, they make a vaccine from the cancer proteins that are on the tumor and mix it with the white blood cells. They then have the vaccine, which they can now administer it to the patient twice every morning for the next three to five years.

Since the vaccine is made from the body, there are little to no side effects. This is unlike chemotherapy or radiation that are made to poison the cancer, for that poisons the body as well.

Brad Silver, a patient in the clinical trial of Dc-Vax, said, “Dc-Vax saved my life, gave me the ability to continue to be a husband, father, coach and a friend. Eight years ago I never thought that was possible, but here I am.”

When asked what she thought about Dc-Vax, Tri-City Prep’s own Amanda Bertsch said, “I think that it is a great breakthrough that has the potential to change the way we treat cancer in the future.”

Kelcie Kruse said, “This treatment sounds promising; however, many tumors are inoperable and other complications could easily arise.”

When Mrs. Muchna was told about Dc-Vax and what it does, she said, “I think Dc-Vax holds a lot of potential.”

Dc-Vax is a revolutionary idea that will affect the nation as a whole. Thankfully, the trial is in its last stages. However, from this point it could be months or years considering that the trial has been going for about 8 years.

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