Music Resounding Throughout the Tri-City Prep

By Devon Bonelli

On Wednesday, November 20, 2013, Tri-City Prep hosted their first music concert of the year. Featured here were the Choir, Beginning Strings, and the Chamber Orchestra. They were all lead by the director Mrs. Terauchi, who also conducted the pieces, as well as Assistant Conductor Stephanie Worstein.

Mrs. Terauchi said, “I am so proud of the ensembles performances.  They… have come a really long way. I gave them all challenging pieces this fall and they all rose to the meet that challenge.  I really appreciate their positive attitudes and enthusiasm, it makes my job so much easier and enjoyable when the students have a desire to learn.”

The first people to perform were the Choir. They performed three pieces, Hold On by Earlene Rentz, Cuidado Piso Mojado by John Purifoy, and For the Beauty of the Earth by John Rutter. Many of these pieces are very difficult, being played by a multitude of professional ensembles, including the Yavapai Choir.

Davy Holbrook, a member of Choir, said, “I think [the choir performance] went well. A lot of people said it’s the best it has been in a lot of years.” When asked what he thought they could do better at with the group, Holbrook said that, “I think that when we held our notes for longer, they would start to turn into the wrong notes, so that could be changed.”

Next up was Beginning Strings. They also performed three pieces, Kabuki Dance by Richard Meyer, The 1812 Overture by Pyotr Ilych Tchaikovsky, and King’s Court by Susan H. Day. Both Kabuki Dance and King’s Court were conducted by Mrs. Terauchi, while Assistant Coductor Stephanie Worstein conducted 1812 Overture.

Worstein said, “I think the performance went very well. All three of the groups sounded amazing, it was the best I’ve heard… But for beginning strings, they are still learning and improving. All they need to do is keep practicing on technical things and they will sound amazing for the next concert.”

When asked about conducting, Worstein said that, “Conducting was such an honor, I felt so grateful to have such a wonderful opportunity presented to me. It was pretty neat to do something out of my comfort zone as well. This was my first time conducting ever. I had only practiced leading the beginning strings in warm-ups and only a few times had I conducted an actual piece with them. It was a neat experience.”

Cadena Burch, a violist for Beginning Strings, said, “I think that the performance went very well.  I think that we all preformed to our best ability and did very well!” She also added, “Some of the things that I think that we could improve on is our bowing all together, and also a bit on our timing.”

Finally, the Chamber Orchestra performed. They performed the three pieces Into the Storm by Robert W. Smith, The Barber of Seville by Gioachino Rossini, and Russian Sailors’ Dance by Reinhold Gliere. These pieces are of high caliber, and have been performed by the Yavapai Symphony Orchestra and the Northern-Arizona Regional Orchestra.

Erika Gustafson, a cellist for the Chamber Orchestra, said, “The Chamber Orchestra has been working so hard! I think that it went very well.” When asked what could be improved on, Gustafson said, “We could definitely improve on dynamic shifts [volume in music], and bowing directions [which way the bow goes when playing a stringed instrument]. Our intonation [note pitch] was good though!”

The next performance will be in mid-spring, and this will be the annual Spring Concert for the music classes at TCP. Again, this will feature Choir, Beginning Orchestra, and Chamber Orchestra like no one’s ever seen them before.

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