Lady Panthers vs. Oak Creek Wildcats

By Sid Mattila

On Tuesday, the 10th of December, the Tri-City Prep Lady Panthers played off against the Oak Creek Wildcats. Time was ticking by quickly in the first quarter and was almost half over when the Lady Panthers got the first point. After the first point, many more followed which ended the first quarter with the Lady Panthers winning 7-3.

The second quarter gave the girls even more of an advantage. In this quarter, the Lady Panthers scored, adding 9 points, and the Wildcats scored a single 1 point throw. That put the Lady Panthers in the lead at 16-4. The score meant they had an explosive lead, but it would not stay explosive for long.

In the third quarter, the Wildcats began to lessen the gap in points. The Lady Panthers scored 3 points, all in all adding up to 5 points. The Wild Cats scored a series points that added up to 9 points. This left the Lady Panthers leading 16-4. The Lady Panthers were winning¸ but their advantage was not as great now as it was in previous quarters.

                The fourth quarter became a real nail biter. The Lady Panthers kept a constant lead, scoring several points to get 11 more points. The Wildcats scored several points, leaving them 8 more points this quarter. The game ended with the Lady Panthers at 27 points and the Wildcats at 24 points.