Watch out for the Crumple-Nosed Snorkacks!

By Amanda Bertsch

Tuesday, December 17th was Harry Potter Day, hosted by Denobis. The club sold buttersoda, cauldron cakes, and wands. There was also a costume and trivia contest.

The event was to raise money for a senior print edition of Denobis. This will be given to the graduating seniors to help them remember their time at TCP. If the first edition goes well, one will be printed off every year. The proceeds from Wednesday morning breakfast sales also goes toward the senior print edition.

Both before school and at lunch, newspaper staff ran Honeydukes, named after the sweets shop in Harry Potter. This booth sold cauldron cakes (chocolaty cupcakes) and Buttersoda, an expertly mixed blend of syrupy concentrate, cream soda, and a whipped topping. The actual ingredients, of course, are highly secret. Buttersoda tastes like a sweet root beer with a strong taste of vanilla.

Also in operation before school and at lunch was Ollivander’s Wand Shop. In the Potterverse, this is where the main characters get their wands. Students could pick up wands from 50 cents to three dollars. Each wand came labeled with the wood and core, and the house color of the buyer tied on. Several students were lucky enough to pick up Harry’s wand (Holly and Phoenix feather) or Voldemort’s (Yew and Phoenix feather). One even purchased the Elder Wand itself!

At lunch the contests were held. After careful deliberation, the judges awarded Hyram Yarbro 1st place in the costume contest. Kelcie Kruse took 1st in trivia. The first and second place winners from each competition won movies, books, and other trinkets from the Potterverse.

The school had a Hogwarts flair with several students in full robes. “The Chamber of Secrets has been opened” was written in the girls’ bathroom. Students from all houses made an appearance, with Ravenclaw the most prominent.

“Harry Potter Day was extravagant,” Gryffindor Noah Hawks said later. He added that it was “fun and out of the ordinary and added a little surprise to my day.”

The Denobis staff are considering doing the event again next year. If they do, they may bring in more food items and add more events. Quidditch may be one of the events added.

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